Delisha Mosley

Sierra School – Classroom 1 (St. Mark’s)

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to 2019-2020 School year. My name is Delisha Mosley and I am the teacher in room 1. This year’s classroom theme is EMOJINATION. My staff and I will work hard to encourage each student to do his/her personal best this year and have a positive learning experience. I’ve been at Sierra for a little over 5 years. I have 2 kids, a girl 11, and a boy 7. My favorite color is pink. I enjoy spending time with my family and making new, fun memories. I’m looking forward to a fabulous year with your child. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You will receive additional communication throughout the school year through phone calls and our communication log which is written in on a daily basis letting you know about your child’s day at school. Please feel free to write back if needed, and send back on a daily basis.

Thank you,

Delisha Mosley
Email: [email protected]