Sierra School – Classroom 2 (Marconi)

Hello my name is Arick Koeth. I was born and raised here in Sacramento California. I studied Pastoral Ministries as well as played college golf at William Jessup University. I then turned professional after college and pursued that for a couple of years.  After working a job where I could not make much of a difference I deceived to pursue teaching. I had originally wanted to become a teaching when I was in high school, but in college felt I was being pulled in another direction. I am now back to teaching and love every minute of it. I enjoy challenging the kids and seeing what new accomplishment they can achieve.

Our theme this year is empowerment. I believe that each of these kids have a special gift that they contribute. I also believe that it is our job as teachers to help them find this gift and learn how to use it to bring a positive impact into the world. While school is for learning I believe that it can also be used for learning who we want to be for the rest of our lives.