Ms. Davis

Sierra School – Classroom 4 (St. Marks)

Hello, my name is Ms. Davis, welcome to classroom 4! This is my  second year here at Sierra School and my first year as a Teacher. I started as a Teacher Assistance in classroom 10 and class room 5. Our classroom theme is “Shoot your best shot.” We are focusing on instilling confidence in our students by letting them know that we are not asking them to perfect, just that they are trying their hardest every day.

Throughout the week, our focus is to teach our students how to be independent in their home living and to transition them to real world jobs. They will have the opportunity to participate in on campus cleaning, such as taking the trash out, wiping tables, mopping and sweeping the floors of the classrooms.

We have planned community based outings where the students will learn how to be safe when walking, biking or simply commuting in their own communities. Our class will also going to the local grocery store on Thursdays. We will be teaching our students how prepare a grocery list or a list of items to prepare a meal. On Fridays we will have breakfast club! The students will then use the food items they have purchased to cook their own meal.

We are looking forward to a fun and eventful school year!

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