Individualized Special Education Classrooms

Serving students within a school or other district building

Rooted in strong collaboration and communication between school districts and Catapult Learning, our In-District Classrooms serve students in classrooms within a school or other district building utilizing our flexible individualized academic and language models. By creating these opportunities in your district, you will be able to provide a continuum of services to your students in their local community while still offering them the personalized attention they require to succeed.

With our highly structured therapeutic learning environment you will be meeting your students’ intensive needs inside your district schools, so you are not only reducing tuition and transportation costs, but increasing your students’ opportunity to participate in general education. For your students, we aim to improve outcomes academically and behaviorally.

Through our classrooms, Catapult Learning’s certified and qualified staff works in unison with district special education and general education teachers to ensure that your students receive the maximum benefit from both district resources and our program as well as having the opportunity to return to their general education classroom when appropriate.. Students will have direct access to their district’s curriculum, equipment, and amenities as they benefit from our targeted, research-based interventions. In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in daily school-wide activities and events (e.g., lunch, recess, and extracurricular activities), as well as benefit from peer interaction with the school population.

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In-District Classrooms

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