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Ms. Kristina Parker

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Leeway School – Classroom 11

My name is Kristina Parker. I am a teacher for Leeway’s autism/ID program. In our classroom, we cover functional academics in reading, math, writing, science, social skills, and life skills. This month, we are focusing on writing narratives and learning to write fictional stories. For reading comprehension, we are identifying the 5w’s in a story (who, what, when, where, why) and we are building on our vocabulary development. For reading and math, we break up students into different groups and focus on IEP goals for individualized learning. However, we also do whole group learning to develop functional math skills such as counting money and telling time. Classroom 11 teams up with classroom 12 every week to build on social skills through board/card games and we also do weekly science experiments. Every day, we are focusing on specific life and social skills such as developing social relationships and building on vocational skills through classroom jobs. We are working toward having monthly field trips whether it is to a museum, the park, or a functional community outing like shopping at a store.