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Mr. Enrique Rivas

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Leeway School – Classroom 12

Room 12 has been exploring daily world events through daily viewings from CNN10.com and NewsELA, with group discussions to enhance understanding, and relevance to daily lives. The use of Multimedia enhances access to lessons such as exploring history through video essays of ancient civilizations and their contributions to our current way of life. Students are also being challenged with attending to understanding and comprehension of informative stories and text along with narratives by using QAR (Question-Answer-Response) strategies and applying the four questions of thought for comprehension such as “Right there,” “Think and Search,” “Author and You,” and “on My own.”

Socialization is encouraged through daily themes that promote classroom wide participation such as Monday Art & Music, where students are giving different outlets to explore and express themselves through music and art lessons, Tuesday Game station is a fun activity that invites another classroom (Room 11) to participate in many collaborative and competitive games ranging the classics Uno and Jenga to designer game boards like “Settlers of Catan, and “Takenoko” Game Station encourages students to practice social skills together.
Science Wednesday is always a winner with science demos that invite the students to listen, learn and then participate with their own materials and staff support. Thursdays we practice team builders in which we cover everything from keeping and maintaining friends, to understanding dangers in our world and our response as citizens of our communities and world. Fun Friday is the reward for a week’s long academic rigor and participation, where the students get to participate in fun video games, board games, and community walks to ease up and put a fun cap on the week. Fun Fridays are also a way for students to practice social skills.

My philosophy is that every child is deserving of every opportunity to access a full and well-rounded education, that is enhanced through multiple modalities, and supported through direct instruction from teachers and staff. I subscribed to the ecological theories of learning that state a student is a product of intersecting environments, and I strive to create the best place for learning. I also believe in Vygotsky theories of learning where each student needs to be challenged and scaffold to greater understanding and learning.