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Classroom 1

In November, students have shown growth in personal educational goals, as well as, showing enthusiasm for the curriculum covered. For December, we will wrap up the theme of Members in the Community, Transportation, and will Set off January with a Theme on SAFETY.

We have two CBI’s scheduled for December:

  • 12/6/18 we will be attending a CBI to Winco for students who have IEP Goals specifically pertaining to purchasing groceries.
  • 12/13/18 student’s will be attending a CBI to the Aerospace Museum. The Aerospace Museum will support students in areas leading to understanding, development, and application. Students will have the opportunity to learn first-hand How, When, Why, and Where, the emergence of Aeronautics was.

On 12/21/18 Classroom 1 will celebrate the season of Winter with crafts and treats.

Recent Student Photos!

Upcoming CBI Calendar

11/2/18- California State Railroad Museum

11/6/18- Winco

11/8/18- Blue/Green Level Movies

11/14/18- Quick Quack

11/27/18- Petsmart

11/30/18- McDonalds for Blue/Green Level Students