Ms. Leija

Classroom 2


My name Is Ms. Leija and this is my second year teacher with Sierra School. We have transformed into a jungle and are ready for our students! This year our theme is the Jungle where we are wild about learning! I look forward to a successful and enthusiastic year! I am incredibly proud of the growth and progress the students achieved last year. I am extremely grateful to be a part of each students story and journey. I hope to continue progressing behaviorally as well as academically with each student.

Welcome to the Jungle! If you get some time come swing into Classroom 2!

Winco CBI – April 1, 2019
Costco CBI – April 2,2019
Petsmart CBI – April 9, 2019
Walmart CBI – April 11, 2019
Dollar Tree CBI – April 11, 2019
Winco CBI – April 23, 2019
Trader Joes CBI – April 23, 2019

Recent Events and Stories from Classroom 2

Recent CBI Recap!

In December, students will attend Walmart to shop for holiday decorations for the classroom as well as snacks for the month and supplies for holiday crafts. Students will learn to create a shopping list, to shop for the desired items and to correctly pay and interact with the cashier. They will also visit Ikea where they will individually order their desired meal. Students will greet the cashier and pay appropriately.

Fairytale Town & McDonald’s

4 students and two staff attended this trip. Students used gross motor skills to climb up, down and around the various play equipment. Students showed great interest in the animals on site. Students would say the name of the animals seen without prompting. When staff asked students what noise does the animal make, they joyfully expressed the noise. Students were intrigued and frightened by the several tarantulas that were on display. After plenty of photos and completing the trail we ended our adventure and journeyed to McDonalds. Staff asked the students what they would like to eat. Staff prompted the students to order their food. With the guidance of staff each student verbally placed their order. Students enjoyed their meals and were well behaved and respectful while they waited patiently for their order. When finished the students cleaned their area and threw all trash away.


4 students and 2 staff attended this CBI. Students were each assigned a task. Jesus pushed the cart, Zong read the grocery list and both Martin and Davion helped find the items and place them in the cart. Students were very excited and enjoyed looking throughout the aisle to find the item needed. Each student selected one item for themselves as a was rewarded for their good behavior. The classroom cooking has been very popular and something that the students enjoy working for. The students loved making the cookie dough. It was challenging for them to wait for the cookies to cool off however staff reminded them that we would be decorating the cookies. The pumpkin painting was messy but incredibly fun to watch. The students loved the feeling of the paint. Next week we will be decorating the pumpkins and sending them home with them on Halloween. Martin and Davion both picked out a wax scent for the classroom. Thanks to them the classroom has been smelling much much better. The classroom snacks have been positive and popular. I wanted to offer healthy choices for them to choose from throughout the day. I have seen a decrease in behavior by offering cereal or oatmeal in the morning with the snack choice of yogurt or fruit.

October Report

First Quarter Report
October began with a lot of change to the classroom dynamic and rotation schedule. We gained two students and lost one. Although it has required additional patience and prompting the students have adjusted well and we are progressing daily. Staff changes were also made. Staff is engaging well with students and quickly catching on to behavior antecedents. Students are beginning to complete more work and tasks throughout the day. The CBI’s and field trips have been effective in aiding to the students level. The students loved the Halloween party and of course the pizza and soda! The spectrum books have been incredibly helpful. Students enjoy working in a book with their name on it. The Unique curriculum has also been beneficial to the classroom. I select one assignment for the class to complete each week and additional assignments when appropriate. The levels available in Unique are great, it saves me time in lesson preparation and the levels match the students’ abilities. I have also incorporated Lexia for several students. The student ask for Lexia and enjoy working on the computer. It has been fun watching students grow and manipulate electronic that were not previously part of their daily schedule. The iReady teacher toolbox has been helpful for the aids in the classroom. This has been a great addition to the class.

Upcoming Holiday Calendar

November – The class theme for November is thankful. We will do classroom art and assignments on the topic specifically highlighting family and friends. We will also be attending the Thanksgiving feast. We will be using clay to mold the student’s hand and then decorate it so that it is a turkey.

December – We will decorate gingerbread houses and decorate a tree. Staff will provide the tree, students will decorate the ornaments and hang them on the tree. Students will also be participating in a secret Santa with classmates. I would like to reward students that are blue level with a trip to the movies to see the new Grinch movie.