Classroom 11

Hello! I am Ms. Paoline, the Teacher of Classroom 11! In our classroom, we are convinced that each student’s most valuable asset is their uniqueness and everything that comes with it. With that, it is our mission to help each student realize their individual potential. Our classroom environment and curriculum focus on self-awareness, empowerment and cultural diversity. We aim to integrate themes into elective courses, individual and group lessons which inspire the students to build foresight and think as global citizens. Some of these themes include global economy, human rights, world history and international current events.

Along with my wonderful teaching position at Sierra School I am also on the board of Directors for AfriPeace Foundation, A nonprofit organization which facilitates youth leadership programs and cross-cultural exchange from the U.S. to Western Africa. I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Educational Leadership and Policy at California State University. I have 6 years of national and international experience as an Educator in levels TK – 12, as well as being a return U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso’s Education Sector. Inspired by the world’s wide array of learners, I am passionate about educational equity and the possibility of generating approaches or solutions for inequities which occur among at-risk demographics I aspire to empower and learn from every student and educator I work with, here at Sierra and around the world.”