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  • 1413 F Street
    Antioch, CA 94509

Mr. Jonique Andrews

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Fremont Classroom 1

Hello and welcome to Classroom 1. My name is Mr. Andrews, I am your child’s teacher for this upcoming school year. The two assistant teachers in the classroom are Ms. Jackie and Mr. Vic. All our amazing students are in middle school. This year we will be learning core Math skills as well as valuable English language arts skills. Our team is looking forward to instilling core values such as honesty, self-respect, team work and many others, into our impressionable pre-teens.

During the year, our class will enjoy, rotations out of the classroom, friendly competition, and very fun science projects. We already have a few very exciting science projects planned for the school year such as making slime out of house hold items and creating and maintaining an ecosystem containing shrimp, snails and plants.  Currently our classroom has one pet, a hamster named Mr. Chubbs and we are currently working on acquiring another animal for the children.

Now that you know some things about our classroom, I would love to learn some things about you or things that can help me educate your children! Our team welcomes any parent to stop by at any time to check in on their child or just coming by to say hello to our classroom hamster Mr. Chubbs. We look forward to seeing all of you!