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Mr. Jason Gozo

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Fremont Classroom 3

Hello! My name is Mr. Gozo and I’m the teacher for room 3. This will be my 3rd year teaching for Sierra School, in addition to the 10 years of teaching experience. Previously to teaching, I worked as a Day-Treatment Therapist for 3 years in the classroom and I also was an Afterschool Day Care teacher for 9 years prior to that.

I would like to begin and say how excited I am to teach this group of students. As a team with parents, guardians, and the staff/teacher, I believe we can make this a successful year for your student.

Here is my general classroom schedule: Journal, 3 rotations of ELA, 3 rotations of Mathematics, World Readiness, lunch, Physical Education, Science or Social Studies, then the students clean up and are dismissed. The behavior management system we have in class is a level system where each student earns privileges based on their behaviors and academics in class: the colors are red, yellow, green, and blue. If they’re on 45 days of blue, they get to be on gold – which we try to make a big deal since it rarely occurs.

My philosophy on teaching is to use the bond that the student and staff/teacher create because I believe that the connection we create is imperative to learning. Without the connection, I believe that true learning cannot happen. I’m hoping that we can make this year a great year for your student if we work as a team.

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