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Classroom 16

Ms. Linda believes that boredom exists in the absence of learning & discovery! Therefor we enjoy exploring our community with carriage rides provided on the delta by Access Adventure founded by Michael Muir, great-grandson of John Muir and visiting the Aerospace Museum at Travis Air Force Base, UC Davis Arboretum and Entomology Bohart Museum, etc.

Our Staff in Room 16

Ms. Linda graduated with honors from Loyola University of Chicago and received a Special Education Credential from St. Mary’s College. Linda has also been trained in LindaMoodBell (UC Santa Barbara), PACE Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (Univ of Colorado), & Making Math Real  (UC Berkeley).

Ms. LaRae, Mental Health Technician earned a B. A. from Brandman University and is finishing an MFT/CLPCC Masters in Clinical Psychology from Brandman.

Ms. JoJo, Teacher Assistant graduated from Vanden High School. She has eleven years experience in general & special education classrooms.

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