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Classroom 3

Hello! My name is Ms. Traci and I am the teacher in room 3. I teach a classroom full of Elementary superheroes! I chose this theme because I feel that there is a hero in all of my students. They are eager to learn and come in every morning with a positive attitude. As we get ready for the fall season, we have some fun and exciting field trips coming up. we will visit the world’s largest corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkin Patch! The students will be able to navigate a maze made of corn stalks and even take a corn bath. As fun as this field trip will be, I feel the balance of fun and education is important to my students. Another field trip we plan on taking is to Imagine That! The students will be able to use their imagination to create everything from structures made of magnets to music with various instruments.

For science, my students are currently learning about mammals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. We took a nature walk to find anything we could out in the field. Once a student found a particular bug, they were able to identify what it was and which category it fell under. My students love to learn about science and this was a great way to have fun with science while being outside.

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