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Classroom 4

Happy Friday! & Welcome to classroom 4.  My Name is Ms. Marcia and I have the privilege of working with Mr. Jake in a very Diverse Classroom!  As you well know Catapult and Sierra Solano embrace the principles of diversity.
Classroom 4 exemplifies this; Starting with me as a multi-racial [Italian/Canadian Mohawk Indian/Black], differently-abled woman 20 years into her second career as a teacher. Mr. Jake our Teacher Assistant doing a phenomenal job as a single parent to 2 young very active children; he also mentors our young scholars through photography.  Our stands all represent a broad range of backgrounds from black to Mexican and Palestinian to Salvadorian. We also have a ESA Dog, Muffin!
Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo, San Francisco, Suisun, Sacramento, & Cleveland, Ohio are the cities we represent.
Wow! we are all excited about the things we can learn from each other. Out first choice was to sample food from our various ethnic backgrounds.  We’ll keep you posted as the year progresses on how we form our community!

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