During this unprecedented time, we know you are facing many challenges and uncertainties as you work to keep your students, staff, and school communities safe, healthy and engaged. Our home-based and online, virtual solutions were developed to keep students engaged while supplying educators with the information and tools necessary to providing critical instruction and support during this time. Current resources and services include:

Professional Learning Series for Educators

While utilizing new technology, like Zoom, can present a number of challenges, Catapult Learning’s suite of videos can help you best understand how to improve your Zoom skills, become an expert meeting leader, and utilize all the tools available to you.

Not sure what to do while being asked to provide engaging in-home learning opportunities for your students? Our Super Charging In-home Lesson Design webinar explores best practices inherent in models such as TPACK, SAMR, and PEERS to supercharge your remote lessons.

Virtual Summer Programs

Our Summer Journey programs offer robust educational opportunities and engaging activities that allow students to learn throughout the summer while also having fun. Programs can be tailored to any virtual or in-person setting and are designed to accommodate any level of access to technology.

Our Virtual Summer Journey program is designed to sharpen skills and reduce summer learning loss from home. Similar to our traditional, in-person programs, virtual summer programs incorporate elements to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of students and families.

Optimized for virtual learning, Virtual Summer Journey programs are:

  • Customizable: program length and duration can be customized to your needs
  • Flexible: multiple options designed to accommodate varying access to technology and work with any device – landline or cell phone, tablet, or computer so K-12 students in any situation can participate and grow their knowledge at home during the summer months.
  • Easy to implement: we provide the teachers, materials, and access to technology platforms (where applicable)
  • Comprehensive: incorporates instruction, focused on reading and math, enrichment, and family support
    • Reading: focused on developing comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and composition
    • Math: strengthen critical skills including numeracy, logic, and reasoning
    • Enrichment: a variety of enrichment activities including STEM and Robotics*
    • Family Support: to ensure families are supported, counseling, family workshops, and other programs are offered

*Virtual robotics is designed for grades 3+ and requires online access

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This virtual summer program takes advantage of students’ available technology by utilizing programs like Google Classroom and Google Meet to facilitate learning and communication. Students participate in approximately 2.5-3 hours of synchronous activity and 1-2 hours of asynchronous activity a day.

In addition to core subject areas ELA/reading and math, each week also includes enrichment, family engagement and project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness sessions with activities like yoga and physical movement.  Enrichment for K-2 students includes STEM-based learning and virtual field trips to locations including zoos, museums, and cultural attractions. For grades 3+, students learn to code and program a virtual robot

This virtual summer program is designed for families who may have limited or no access to a computer or high-speed internet. Students in this model use Resource Books and phone instruction to focus on ELA/reading and math, while also participating in STEM-based or other enrichment, family engagement, and project-based learning, as well as social-emotional learning.

Students participate in approximately 1- 1.5 hours of synchronous and 2-3 hours of asynchronous activity a day.  All synchronous teacher check-ins can be completed using a cellphone or landline

Counseling & Family Engagement

Students and families are facing more uncertainty than ever and may need additional support. Whether you have counselors on staff or not, we understand your school(s) may not be able to meet these demands alone.

Our credentialed, master’s level counselors can provide counseling to help students who need extra support for behavioral, academic, social and emotional challenges. Live, one-on-one counseling can be provided by phone, phone app, computer, or any technology available to the student.

Our virtual support extends beyond students. We work to foster strong relationships and strengthen the ability of families to support the academic and non-academic needs of their children. Services include:

  • Consultations: phone or video check-ins and consultations with families, teachers, and school staff to provide additional support during school closures
  • Referral services:  support families in obtaining assistance related to basic needs, including but not limited to: food assistance, mental health services, social, emotional and physical well-being
  • Parent & Family workshops: equip families with practical and effective strategies and resources to help students achieve success. Workshops are provided virtually and address a wide range of topics including academic, social, and emotional development. Learn more about our Parent & Family workshop offerings.

How Does Virtual Counseling Work?

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Coaching & Professional Learning for Educators

Virtual professional learning solutions that offer customized, collaborative, relevant learning experiences to build the capacity and expertise of teachers and leaders.

Personalized and collaborative virtual coaching support for teachers and instructional leaders. We work with you to define program goals, identify participants, and establish key performance indicators to measure program impact. Sessions are customized to individuals’ needs and can take place one-on-one or in small groups. Our programs:

  • Are grounded in empirical theories and models of learning
  • Use robust collaboration software to enhance engagement
  • Encourage active participation
  • Align with student outcome, individual educator and organizational learning goals
  • Are led and designed by skilled online facilitators

Virtual professional learning workshops for educators and leaders are provided in a traditional webinar format with added activities to foster engagement and interactivity. Workshops can be combined for a multi-day institute or series to promote deeper learning. Sessions are hosted by a presenter and a moderator for optimum learning and can accommodate 5–250+ participants. Our programs:

  • Are grounded in empirical theories and models of learning
  • Use robust collaboration software to enhance engagement
  • Encourage active participation
  • Align with student outcome, individual educator and organizational learning goals
  • Are led and designed by skilled online facilitators
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Intervention for Students

Remote-learning and virtual intervention programs help to ensure continuity of academic services and supports during this time.

Teachers provide direct-instruction online learning sessions to students one-on-one or in small groups. Instruction can be provided by phone, phone app, computer, or other technology available to the student.

Virtual intervention programs utilize modified versions of our AchieveLiteracy, AchieveReading, and AchieveMath curriculums to maximize online delivery and support student growth.

At-home, grade-level specific math and literacy lessons designed for independent completion with teacher support. Using voice calls, teachers provide regular check-ins with students to monitor progress, review key tasks, and answer questions. Designed for schools and/or students with limited technology access.

How to Plant a Seed: A Sample Virtual Session

Click here to watch the full-length virtual intervention sample lesson.

Interactive Learning Bags for Students

Student Learning Bags are lightweight carry packs that contain a wide variety of age-appropriate learning materials selected by our team of academic experts. Students Learning bags have been designed to improve students’ critical reading skills, mathematical proficiency, and scientific habits of mind, while helping to promote remote-based learning and encouraging family engagement.

Choose from 25+ themes (including topical themes such as “Perseverance & Courage”), a range of grade bands, and a variety of pricing options to complement your budget and school community interest. We are also able to offer you special inserts to create a guided curriculum or special note to the students receiving bags.

  • Reading Bags: Build your students’ literacy and language skills by exposing them to a collection of fiction and nonfiction texts that engage them in topics connected to the real world and spark their curiosity.
  • Activity Bags: Engage students with a variety of age-appropriate games, tools, and activities that reinforce math, scientific, and STEM concepts, and encourage family involvement.
  • Shipment: Available to central locations or directly to students’ homes.

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