K-12 Materials

Supplemental Materials that Develop Students’ Core Comprehension, Analysis, and Writing Skills

iStock_000008601087LargeCatapult Learning can provide your school with high-quality supplemental instructional programs to meet a variety of needs. Each program includes teacher lesson plans, student materials, and intensive professional development support.

Our ReadUp supplemental program designed to help struggling early readers master the core skills of comprehension. Built on the Literacy First Framework of effective reading instruction, ReadUp provides teachers with rich, interactive lesson plans that provide systematic, multi-modal instruction of discrete reading skills. The intensive focus of the lessons allows teachers to diagnose particular comprehension problems and work with small groups to build those skills and help those students start to read and work at grade level.

  • Lessons include games, songs, poems, and a host of interactive activities to help students actively manipulate the concepts they are learning.
  • Teacher Lounge website provides teachers with a wide range of support materials, including video lesson demonstrations and audio support for all lessons, including Spanish translations.

Reading to Write is a supplemental program focused on developing students’ skills in analyzing complex texts and writing opinion-based or argumentative essays. Detailed lesson plans focus on short reading passages, and lead teachers through two or more session of “close reading,” with clear instructions to help teachers move step by step through complex analysis of the texts. The lessons then provide detailed instructions for helping students outline and write opinion-based (grades -5) or argumentative (grades 6-9) papers.

  • Reading passages reflect the complexity levels suggested by the Common Core State Standards, and many are taken directly from the titles suggested by Appendix B of those standards.
  • Lessons and readings are grouped by grade-band to allow teachers to use different lessons with different skills-groups within a single classroom.