Lending Libraries


Lending Libraries

Resources for Your Students and Staff

Lending Libraries by Catapult LearningEfficiently organize a selection of resources for your students and staff to borrow. 

Organized by Catapult Learning

Our team of experts manage the design, procurement, and implementation of your lending library. Once set up, the library offers extensive learning resources for your school community. 

Tailored to Your Interests

After an initial consultation, we’ll design a library of books and learning materials to meet your specific goals. To guide you, we have a catalog of popular library content themes and recommended reading titles (tailored to specific grade bands) to help you efficiently build out a library of resources. 


Student and Teacher Options

Student Lending Libraries provide a diverse set of materials to your young readers. Teacher Lending Libraries provide a comprehensive collection of support resources to encourage professional development. Choose from the options below or create a blended teacher and student library. 

Student Reading and Lending Libraries

Enrich your students’ learning experiences by providing a diverse set of reading materials in your lending library. We’ll create a multi-age library that encourages individual exploration and supports your school’s varied reading audience. There are two common implementation models for student libraries:

Student Reading Libraries

Facilitate small-group learning by stocking multiple copies of book titles to organize reading.

Student Lending Libraries

Focus on providing single copies of titles to provide a vast range of books to encourage students to explore their own interests.

Teacher Lending Libraries

Provide your teachers with a comprehensive collection of materials to support professional learning. We tailor these collections to your needs and interests, including a mix of reading, writing, math, and learning theory reference materials that come in a variety of formats, including books and DVDs. Ensure your teachers have access to the latest and best proven techniques, methods, and skills to support your instructional priorities and initiatives.