Common Core-Infused Instruction Modeled with Reading To Write

Reading to Write Book CoverReadUp includes Reading to Write, 20 multi-day lessons that offer students the chance to apply their growing comprehension skills through real-life applications. With ready-to-use lessons that incorporate close, analytical reading of complex text with opinion and argumentative essay writing, students can practice their skills outside of the regular classroom.

To support the lessons, Reading to Write provides your teachers with rich, complex, authentic texts at each grade level, along with everything they need to provide rigorous, engaging reading comprehension instruction to their students.

Reading to Write lessons can be used instantly, at any point in the year. They model good instruction and guide individual teachers and professional learning communities as they plan their own reading intervention and instruction.

Plus, Reading to Write offers students a chance to apply their growing comprehension skills through real-life applications.

  • 20 multi-day lessons that build analytical reading and text-based argumentative writing skills
  • Literary and informational texts
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Student anthologies
  • Graphic organizers

Reading to Write provides your teachers with rigorous, engaging reading comprehension instruction.