ReadUp: An RtI Solution for the Common Core

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For teachers who provide Tier II and Tier III reading programs in grades 2-5.

ReadUp prepares students for the rigors of content learning in middle school and beyond by providing intensive instruction in the lack of core skills that may be holding them back.

  • Works at need level, not grade level
  • Provides differentiated skill instruction
  • Builds teacher capacity

Systematic, explicit, and comprehensive, ReadUp is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, building teaching capacity quickly while establishing strong literacy and reading comprehension for your struggling students. Your students will transition from learning to read to reading to learn with confidence and motivation.


The Comprehension Skills Students Need to Meet the Rigors of the Common Core 

At-risk students and struggling readers need a supportive intervention program to help them reach grade-level comprehension of complex text. Teachers also require specialized skills and a research-based framework in which to provide effective reading comprehension remediation and intervention—particularly in states with high-stakes testing.

Only Catapult Learning’s new RtI intervention program brings you all this:

  • 75 engaging, focused, and explicit lessons that drill down to the core of comprehension
  • Ready-to-use intervention tools and engaging student materials, including scripted lessons, posters, readers, articles, wipe-off board mats and markers, and more
  • Multiple teaching modalities — including songs, pictures, games, manipulatives, and reading materials — that account for different learning styles to engage each of your students
  • The Comprehension Crew, seven characters who serve as visual models of discrete comprehension skills
  • Lesson modifications for ELL students, struggling students, and students ready for more challenge
  • Extensive, customizable professional development —seminars, webinars, and job-embedded coaching and training — that builds capacity to help teachers become reading interventionists
  • Access to the Teacher Lounge, an online portal full of valuable resources and a supportive community of fellow teachers that promotes collaborative relationships
  • Stress-free assessment through tools that help teachers assess student needs in a holistic manner


Meet Baxter, the Leader of the Comprehension Crew.

Watch the video to see how ReadUp’s proven-effective RtI instructional model builds at-risk students’ core reading comprehension skills.