Assessment Done Differently with ReadUp

Because ReadUp’s RtI model works at need level rather than grade level, the program’s formative assessment tools offer teachers greater opportunities to pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses in reading comprehension, as well as to reinforce crucial Common Core foundational skills before students fall behind or fail.

Assess Student’s Reading Intervention Needs With Greater Accuracy

Clover, the Clarifying Cow.

Clover, the Clarifying Cow.

ReadUp’s proven-effective diagnostic tools allow teachers to assess and address students’ literacy needs in a personal and holistic manner. Teachers are provided with step-by-step instructions for assessing mastery of discrete skills using authentic literature or informational text from the classroom. When students have demonstrated mastery of a core skill, teachers can go to the Teacher Lounge website and print out a personalized certificate for the student to take home or display in class.

  • Sample Reader Profiles aligned to each level of the program compare reading performance, habits, and behaviors to help teachers determine what type of readers their students are and where in the program each student should begin.
  • Program Placement Rubrics assess a range of reading behaviors and abilities at three levels corresponding to the four color-coded boxes of ReadUp lesson materials.
  • Existing Test Data as well as current Lexile ranges within which students can read comfortably can be easily translated into reading level and action plans for placement in the program.
  • Ongoing Mastery Assessment provides guidelines and questions for assessing reading comprehension performance in each Common Core skill area.

Teachers are provided with step-by-step instructions

for assessing mastery of discrete skills…