Reading to Write

Everything Teachers Need to Reinforce the
Reading-Writing Connection

Reading to Write Book CoverStudents need a combination of specific exercises and opportunities to try out their skills in lifelike settings. Reading to Write provides teachers with detailed lesson plans modeling Common Core-infused instruction for close, analytical reading of complex text and writing of opinion and argumentative essays.

With Reading to Write, you’ll receive:

  • Five multi-day lesson plans per grade level (20 Reading to Write lessons in all) that build analytical reading and text-based argumentative writing skills
  • Fictional literary and nonfictional informational texts at every grade level
  • Clear and explicit reading and writing lessons aligned to specific Common Core State Standards
  • Rubrics for assessing student writing and participation in instruction
  • Reproducible graphic organizers
  • Tools to support differentiated instruction
  • And more!

Student Workbooks include rich text and ready-to use-worksheets for engaging, student-centered reading and writing lessons


Reading to Write Student Workbooks include:

  • Five rich literary and informational CCSS-aligned texts for close reading at each grade level
  • Easy-to-use graphic organizers for student note-taking, brainstorming, and outlining
  • Peer review worksheets
  • Assessment rubrics