Student Learning Bags


Student Learning Bags

Take-Home Reading and Activity Bags to Engage Students

Give your students a variety of pre-selected learning games, books, and activities – available in a convenient carrying bag.


Catapult Learning Learning Bags

Encourage Students to Explore Reading

Reading Bags provide your students with a set of books to take home to encourage them to explore their reading curiosity while building their literacy skills. 


Engage Students with Educational Activities

Activity Bags include a variety of age-appropriate games, tools, and activities that reinforce learning concepts and encourage family involvement.


Parent Guide Provides Tips Tailored to Each Bag Theme 

Each learning bag includes a parent guide insert tailored to the theme of the bag. The insert includes tips on how to encourage student participation and encourage dialogue and comprehension skill building. 


Student Journals Facilitate Learning

Each learning bag includes student journal workbooks, encouraging them to write down their thoughts as they read.



Choose From A Variety of Themes

Designed to engage students through learning, choose from a variety of styles, themes, colors, and sizes – tailored to students’ learning needs and interests. 

  • Arts
  • Diversity
  • Dual Language (English and Spanish)
  • Financial Literacy
  • Favorite Fiction & Authors
  • Favorite Series Sampler
  • Genre Exploration
  • High-Lo (high-interest, low readability)
  • History and Civic Engagement
  • Math
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Social Justice
  • STEM
  • Summer Reading

  • Math 
  • Reading
  • Science
  • STEM
  • Summer Bridge