Stride Academy

Blended Learning Powered by Stride Academy


Used in conjunction with any one of Catapult Learning’s intervention programs, Stride Academy creates an engaging and individualized learning experience that targets problem areas and builds foundational skills through self-directed online practice.

  • Designed for general education, RtI, and special education students
    in grades K-12
  • Available on any iPad, Tablet, or PC
  • 24/7 access to multimedia educational resources
  • Real-time data reporting and ongoing assessment
  • Incorporates complex literary and informational texts, and at the high school level, covers critical Algebra, Geometry, and English  “end of course” content

Catapult Learning’s Stride Academy combines rigorous, college- and career-ready curriculum, video lessons, and skills practice with game-based incentives that reinforce and motivate learning. The interactive and engaging curriculum is “scaffolded” so that new skills build upon prior knowledge, and students apply their knowledge to master the next skills set in the context of real-world problems.

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Stride Academy supports all Catapult Learning Intervention Solutions, integrating seamlessly to provide tailored support for students as they work to fill their most significant skill gaps.