The Path to Success

Self-Paced Content Paired with Motivating, Rewards-Based Gaming Features

How Stride Academy Works:

  • Areas of focus are prioritized based on students’ greatest skill gaps
  • Students learn and demonstrate mastery with computer adaptive assessments and skills practice, instant feedback, engaging instructional videos, and printable study guides curated by curriculum experts
  • Learning is rewarded and reinforced with engaging games from genres like arcade, physics, logic, puzzle, sports, and more
  • Teachers monitor progress with on-demand data reporting and identify opportunities for intervention or celebration
  • Administrators use data to track individual and group usage and effectiveness.

Students Earn Tokens to Play Games


By successfully completing differentiated learning activities, students earn tokens that can be redeemed to play games or upgrade their avatars. Teachers can also award tokens to reward positive behaviors and achievement.

Students earn game badges when they meet point thresholds or conquer new levels in their favorite games, and they even have the opportunity to build their own games to share with other students.

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From sports to logic puzzles and everything in between, there’s a game for every student.

Z-Type Game

Z-Type Game


Fruit Fly Game
Skateboard Game
Dragon Dash Game