Reading Intervention with AchieveReading

Build a strong foundation for literacy

CL_AR-TRS_Cover_R4_Page_2For more than thirty-five years, Catapult Learning’s signature reading intervention program, AchieveReading, has helped schools close the achievement gap and improve their standardized test scores in reading. In the last five years, AchieveReading students have shown average gains of 63% on nationally-normed standardized tests.

When your students struggle to read at grade level, they:

  • Fall behind in all subject areas
  • Miss more school days
  • Drop out entirely

Accelerate achievement with reading intervention that works

Your educators can support struggling readers and build the confidence that students need with the AchieveReading curriculum. The program’s systematic and explicit instructional approach to reading intervention delivers rigorous lessons that get your students up to speed and keep them there. Award-winning, multicultural texts help students develop skills they’ll apply in every classroom. Flexible and comprehensive, AchieveReading can be used as an integral part of the school day, a wrap-around program before or after school hours, or a part of summer learning.

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