AchieveReading High School

A Different Approach to High School Reading Instruction

CL_ARHS-Sample_Cover-(web)With AchieveReading High School, teachers gain the tools to go beyond the holistic style that is typical of high school classroom instruction, allowing them to drill down to discrete comprehension and writing skills for effective remediation.

Focused Lessons and Student Materials Cover Discrete Literary Techniques

Discrete literary techniques are taught using lessons that focus on shorter selections—students aren’t getting a double dose of English, but rather a more intensive instruction on one specific skill at a time.

  • 80 lessons in all—40 reading and 40 writing—zero in on discrete skills and techniques.
  • Scripted teacher “think-alouds” help students see how core comprehension and writing skills are applied to complex texts and ideas.
  • A student anthology contains over 40 literary and informational selections aligned to Common Core standards relating to Key Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas.
  • Small-group remediation gives students the attention they need to successfully master concepts.

AchieveReading High School is based on the research-proven Literacy First Framework, which focuses on systematic and explicit instruction, best practices, and building student confidence through gradual release of responsibility.