AchieveReading Blended Learning

Build success with technology-supported instruction

cl11156_siblingfeature_11719519The best of small group learning and technology-supported instruction combine to deliver solid results for your students in Catapult Learning’s AchieveReading Blended Learning program. Research proves that maximum results in reading intervention are possible when your teachers guide students in using up-to-date technology to learn new concepts and deepen their understanding. In the AchieveReading Blended Learning classroom

  • The teacher conducts shared, guided reading-thinking AchieveReading activities for half the class that will be reinforced by computer-based instruction.
  • The learning lab instructor guides half the class who complete AchieveReading online lessons that correspond to taught concepts.
  • The students switch from one instruction mode to the other at the halfway point of the class.

Each of your students reaps the benefits of AchieveReading personalized instruction that is aligned with Common Core State Standards and reinforced by online lessons.

Make the most of technology to improve reading performance

Research shows that a combination of in-person and computer-supported instruction has been most effective in raising student achievement scores and delivering reading intervention success.

…maximum results are possible when your teachers guide students in using up-to-date technology…