Improve Reading Proficiency with Small Group Intervention

iStock_000008601087LargeAchieveReading intervention, aligned with college- and career-ready standards, is designed with your at-risk students and English language learners in mind. Interesting and engaging lessons delivered in settings with a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio increase your students’ motivation to read. Students are inspired to perform and succeed with immediate feedback and encouragement, award-winning texts aligned to their skills and ability, and scaffolded instruction.

AchieveReading Builds on Success

AchieveReading intervention segments are fortified with before-, during- and after-reading activities, and presented in a shared, guided, and/or directed reading-thinking activity format.

  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises provide your students multiple pathways to success.
  • Program reading materials connect to your students’ interests with subject matter supported by the latest findings of the National Reading Panel and the International Reading Association.
  • Personalized Education Plans (PEPs) guide students in meeting specific instructional objectives.
  • Yearly assessments and ongoing communication among your teachers, administrators, and parents keep students on track for achievement and accomplishment.