From Summer Learning Loss to Academic Gains

Research has shown that the impact of summer learning loss, especially for at-risk students, is devastating and often irreversible. Without the right blend of summertime instructional support, enrichment, and academic activity, many students risk losing so much ground that keeping up with their peers seems impossible.

The bottom line? The negative impact of summer learning loss–especially for lower-income youth–is devastating and often irreversible.

 Watch the “Summer Learning” video from Horizons National

There is good news for your most vulnerable students

Students who participate in summer learning stay sharp and hit the ground running when they return to school in the fall. These students are also more likely to continue their education and graduate from high school ready for college and careers.

At Catapult Learning, we’re focused on eliminating summer learning loss. With our Summer Journey program, students get the instructional intervention and academic enrichment support they need to keep pace and not fall behind during summer break.


When your students enter school in the fall feeling prepared for the challenges of a new grade, they are far more likely to continue their education.