Academic Enrichment

Enrich the Summer Experience with Hands-On Learning

Friends-stepsSummer Journey’s academic enrichment allows students to further reinforce their reading and math skills in thematic, activity-based courses that boost thinking skills as well as self-confidence. The enrichment block of Summer Journey promotes social development and teamwork, encourages self-expression and creativity, and engages students in literature activities. With interactive, project-based lessons, the courses emphasize “learning by doing,” and students are always engaged,
constantly thinking, solving and having fun!

Sample Academic Enrichment Courses

The following is a sampling of the enrichment courses offered as part of Summer Journey:

Adventures in My Own Backyard (Grade K)
Kindergarten “explorers” respond with fascination and wonder as they discover habitats typically found in their own backyard. Multisensory activities are used extensively, providing opportunities for meaningful engagement with the learning process. Students’ knowledge of the natural world is fostered along with concepts such as color and shape recognition, fine-motor development, phonemic awareness, and counting and sorting.

Fairy Tale Chronicles (Grade 2)
Join the magical fun in Fairy Tale Chronicles. Original literature provides guided and independent reading for primary students. In addition, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, an interesting twist on the traditional version of the familiar tale, is shared. It lends itself to the discovery of point of view and story elements as students tie the story to real-life situations. Another rich experience comes as students listen to the read-aloud The Wizard and the Wand, and engage in activities based on this story in the fairy tale genre. During book clubs, students participate in reading and activities such as constructing edible wands, building castles, and designing legendary wizard hats. Throughout the journey of Fairy Tale Chronicles, young readers practice comprehension and reading strategies, create graphic organizers, compare and contrast, retell stories, and examine character traits. This course will certainly be remembered “happily ever after.”

Roaming Regions (Grade 5)
Students enjoy this virtual trip as they travel through geographical regions, learning all along the way. This unit is designed to meet grade-level expectations; comparing regional features, understanding geographical elements, and conducting research are a few of the skills included. Lessons are innovative and student-centered. Students produce a weather report, create a tourism commercial, and make a salt dough topographical map. Who says geography can’t be fun?

Newsworthy (Grade 7)
Students enter the world of journalism as they enjoy a teacher read-aloud of Andrew Clements’ novel The Landry News. This engaging novel chronicles the ups and downs of a student-initiated and classroom-produced newspaper. Likewise, Newsworthy Summer Journey students participate in reporting teams to create their own newspapers. Each lesson focuses on a specific language arts skill as reporting teams create articles, cartoons, features, reviews, and other news pieces. Through authentic writing pursuits, students explore purposes for writing, figurative language, narrative point of view, and more.