Academic Intervention

Targeted Instructional Support for Struggling Learners

Catapult Learning’s research-based Achieve™ intervention program in reading and math supports struggling learners with the foundational skills they need to be successful, given the higher level of rigor demanded by college- and career-readiness standards. The program’s systematic and explicit instruction reinforces essential skills and quickly brings students up to speed, positioning them for success when they return to school in the fall.

Math Instructional Intervention

AchieveMath coverBuilt on sound research conducted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, our AchieveMath™ instructional intervention program for K–12 students helps struggling learners build confidence and improve their math skills—from basic concepts and computation to problem solving, data collection, geometry, and algebra. Teachers use structured lessons that are carefully scaffolded to include intensive, systematic, and explicit direct instruction in concept development through modeling, guided practice, and independent practice and application activities. The program also features a variety of manipulatives across instructional levels, including two-color counters, fraction tiles, geometric solids, geoboards, and base ten blocks.

Reading Instructional Intervention

AchieveReading High School coverDesigned to build foundational reading and writing skills for learners who have difficulty achieving at grade level, our AchieveReading Flex™ and AchieveReading High School programs strengthen overall aptitude through skill-based instruction. Using the gradual release of responsibility model, teachers lead students through carefully scaffolded lessons that include direct instruction, modeling, and guided practice, as well as independent practice and application activities. The programs feature structured lessons, a student anthology with a variety of age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction texts, and student resource books.

Ask Us About …

Catapult Learning offers the following program options for your summer school program.

ReadUp™ for Grades 2−5
Support your state’s early-grade reading initiative during Summer Journey. Catapult Learning’s ReadUp™ provides intensive skill instruction that helps students in grades 2−5 transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Blended Learning
Make Summer Journey even more effective by adding a blended learning component. Catapult Learning’s blended learning programs incorporate technology-based learning programs to facilitate differentiated and personalized learning while providing data to help inform instruction.

Summer Learning Resources
Engage your students in additional learning at home during the summer months. Catapult Learning’s Summer Learning Bags provide students and their families with a set of valuable tools and resources designed to offer hours of summer