Summer Journey’s Success Story

SJ Brochure 16aThe Summer Journey Missouri program includes four hours daily of academic core courses, including Communication Arts, Mathematics, and Science or Social Studies. Students also participated in a broad spectrum of afternoon Journey courses, which focused on the arts, physical development, and explorations. Journey courses motivate student involvement and build self confidence and social skills.


Proven Student Participation

Summer Journey has proven to increase the number of Missouri students participating; some districts have seen up to a 300% increase in the number of participants. Over 23,000 Missouri students participate in the 2017 program. Students receive incentives for attending, earning up to $100 in gift cards based on attendance during the program.


Peace of Mind & Satisfaction for Parents

With a full-day curriculum, student transportation provided to and from school, and no tuition, Summer Journey eases parents’ financial and scheduling concerns and provides reassurance that their children are participating in an academically enriching and engaging summer program. In 2017, 93% of Missouri parents surveyed indicated they were satisfied with Summer Journey.


Improved Academic Achievement

Summer Journey assessment results show improvement of grade-level academic achievement for students participating in the program. At the start and conclusion of the 2017 summer program, students in grades 3–6 took Summer Journey’s pre- and post-assessments. Skill acquisition was determined as a percentage gain on the content
and skills within the courses. In 2017, students made 62% gains on math assessments and 45% gains on reading assessments.