Enrichment Provides Hand-On Learning & Fun

Summer Journey’s afternoon curriculum includes hands-on exploratory Journey courses with embedded academics. These Journey courses enable students to actively engage with topics in the fields of Engineering & Construction, Sports & Teamwork, Arts & Crafts, Theatre & Performance, and more. Most Journey courses include a teacher manual and scripted lessons.

In 2016, Summer Journey began offering opportunities for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education as part of its afternoon Journey curriculum. Sample STEM courses include Sports Science, Scratch Camp, Flight & Aerodynamics, to name a few.

For grades 1–8, districts choose a total of six Journey courses, three each for the first and last 12 days of the session. Kindergarten selects one “Just for Fun” curriculum.


Below is a sample of Summer Journey enrichment courses, by category topic. The course selection changes slightly each year, but most courses are offered every summer. New courses are also added regularly.

Computer courses require a separate computer lab. If more than one level (Primary, Elementary, Intermediate) is housed in a building, one computer lab must be provided for each computer course.

Scratch Camp: Animation and basic computer programming are combined in state-of-the-art teaching software developed and maintained by MIT. 

Tech Lab! Students have access to a variety of engaging and entertaining learning experiences through participation in Tech Lab.

Magic Show: Students develop the art of illusion using simple sleight of hand magic tricks. 

Nature with a Twist: Students’ imaginations will run wild as each craft, game, and activity will have a nature theme ranging from the environment, land, animals from all over the world, plants, and much more. 

Simon Says: Sometimes getting a message across isn’t as easy as it seems, but ideas are most useful when they can be communicated effectively. 

Summer Seuss: What could be more fun? Dr. Seuss stories and imaginative book characters are the springboard to delightful art projects, games, and other fun fare. 

Summer Sizzler: The temperature rises when students create bumblebee wind chimes, perform sock puppet plays, and display teamwork in balloon games. Students then cool off as they make tasty Shake-It Up Ice Cream. 

The Science of Super Powers: Learn the amazing characteristics of the insects and animals that inspired these super heroes. 

Unleash Your Wild Side: “Ronnie the Reporter” will leave no rock unturned as s/he sets off on a worldwide safari to learn about the wild animals that inhabit planet earth. 



Movement and Rhythm: This curriculum is designed to provide motor and manipulative skills progression essential for young primary students. 

Brick Zoo: Primary students develop an interest in zoology through the use of over 5,000 popular brick- building components. 

Launch Into Rockets: Primary students will launch into fun and learning in this engaging and age-appropriate rocket experience. 

Lifetime Sports Primary: The Lifetime Sports course provides the opportunity to learn lead-up activities as well as actual lifetime sports at a modified level. 

Sports Science: The science behind some of the most popular sports today is found using distinct calculations while examining body positioning, velocity and more in this newly developed camp. 

Sports Clips Primary: The Sport Clips curriculum offers a variety of sports, games, and skill lessons. Various high-energy games and activities are designed to improve cardiovascular functions and increase strength and flexibility. 

Stacking Madness Primary: Through cup stacking fun, a student develops the right side of the brain, increasing focus and creativity and training the brain for success in sports and music. 

Act It Out: Imagination is a powerful tool as students use their own creativity and voices to become characters and dramatize familiar stories. 

Local Performance: Creative opportunities are matched to the interests and skills of outstanding local talent!