When students display concerning behavior, struggle with social skills issues in the classroom, or are underperforming academically, a school-based mental health program may be appropriate. Research estimates that 17 million (30% of K-12) students experience mental health challenges that warrant intervention.

Catapult Learning can help address this growing crisis for K-12 mental health treatment through our school-based mental health services.

How Our School-Based Mental Health Services Work

Catapult Learning’s licensed mental health clinicians offer a accessible, multi-faceted approach to addressing mental health and wellness to ALL students in ANY school—because mental health services should be available to every student who needs it.

Designed to reduce barriers to treatment and provide critical support to students, Catapult’s Mental Health services assist students with specific mental health conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • ADHD

Implementing Our School-Based Mental Health Services

We start by collaborating closely with school communities to develop flexible solutions that address each school’s unique needs while following HIPAA guidelines.
Catapult Learning believes that mental health services should always be:

Here is how we implement our services:

Teachers complete universal screeners for students in grades K-8 to identify the possible need for school-based mental health services. Grades 9-12 complete a self-assessment.

Data gathered from the screeners is reviewed by our licensed mental health professional and is used, along with additional input from the teacher and family, to determine the type, if any, of support students need to assess the need for service/type of service as well as necessary resources.

For students identified as in need of support, parents/guardians are contacted to provide consent for either small group or individual counseling.

Students receive counseling and support for 6-8 weeks. Families and teachers receive on-going communication. At the end of the 6-8 weeks, the student’s needs will be re-assessed and additional support will be recommended, as needed.

Desired Outcomes of Our School-Based Mental Health Services

  • Improved behavior, increased academic performance and engagement, a stronger sense of connection, and heightened social skills

  • Reduction in truancy, less academic and behavioral problems, and a decrease dropout rates

  • More positive school environment
  • Reduced stigma related to mental health

  • Increased clinical support for teachers and staff

  • A better life and school experience for students

Why Catapult Learning’s School-Based Mental Health Services Are Right For Your School

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