News & Events

News & Events

Transitions Program

The Transitions program for the school year has been great. Our students spent time working with the community, handing out food every month during our food box distribution here on campus. Our students also spent numerous hours volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank, helping box and prep food for distribution. The work study program also put students to work in a neighboring thrift store and local record shop, gaining work experience in retail and warehouse work. Students also visited several college campuses and on the job career exploration sites, such as: GCU, ASU, Phx. Art Institute, and construction sites.

Feeding our Feathered Friends

The RISE Class made some birdseed feeders today! They all did a wonderful job!

RISE Slime Fun – March 2018

We incorporated some fun into a science project by making slime in the RISE Classroom!

Middle School Classroom – March 2018

Middle school has been very busy for the month of March!! We have volunteered for the St. Mary’s Food Bank, had the Phoenix Symphony visit us, participated in the school talent show, and kept up with various hands on projects!! We also get to enjoy dog Therapy!

Middle School Classroom – February 2018

Some of our middle school students participated at Special Olympics this month. They did a great job in a basketball skills event! The class has been focusing on video based projects. As a team, the students develop research, design a model pertaining to their task, and test and communicate their project. The students have been very motivated to participate and work as a team!

Middle School Classroom – February 2018

Some of our middle school students participated at Special Olympics this month. They did a great job in a basketball skills event! The class has been focusing on video based projects. As a team, the students develop research, design a model pertaining to their task, and test and communicate their project. The students have been very motivated to participate and work as a team!

Elementary Classroom – February 2018

Elementary had a busy February filled with learning. Our minds are growing each and every day in our rotations. The students are learning to memorize their multiplication facts, continuing to expand on their vocabulary, and also working on writing paragraphs in class. The students are also working together to learn computer safety and also on their typing skills. In Science, the students are learning about light, sound and energy. Lastly, in social studies, the students are learning basics of the government. We are excited to see what the next month will bring!

Special Olympics – February 2018

Some of our middle school students participated at Special Olympics this month. They did a great job in a basketball skills event! The class has been focusing on video based projects. As a team, the students develop research, design a model pertaining to their task, and test and communicate their project. The students have been very motivated to participate and work as a team!

Rise and Shine Classrooms – January

The Rise Classroom has had lots of fun learning this January. We’re learning about our bodies and our senses while completing lots of fun experiments! Our favorite experiment this month was making ice cream! We had to work hard to make our ice cream. First we had to mix all of our ingredients, then we had to do the labor to mix it into its cold creamy goodness! We hope we can make it again!

The Shine Classroom has spent January learning new skills! We’ve started completing task boxes that are helping us to learn new skills for at home and for our future careers. We love learning through hands on tasks and are excited to have more new task boxes in February. We’re learning what it means to take care of our bodies and our homes and making plans for our futures!

Junior High Classroom – January

Our students have done an amazing job in our garden this month! They enjoyed eating the lettuce, cilantro, carrots and radishes they grew! Along with the gardening, students learned about the different plants, their characteristics and how the plants reproduce. All of the students were engaged and also had the opportunity to work as a team and increase their social skills. Great job Junior High!

High School Transitions Program – January

Two food drives were arranged and held on our campus in partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank this month. Our students are also volunteering twice a week at the St. Mary’s Food bank facility.

Our students are also gaining work experience and training at a local thrift store. They are working on developing retail store skills such as merchandising, sorting and stocking, equipment set up, and customer service experience. We also held our first Career Day! Guest speakers came and discussed their profession and careers.

Next month, our Transitions Program will be touring trade schools and colleges as well as holding one more food drive at the end of February.

Middle School Classroom Update – January

Middle school has been doing some ‘explosive’ experiments with various chemical agents (vinegar, baking soda, and salt). We also worked really hard to earn an off campus incentive to McDonalds for iReady testing!

Elementary School Classroom Update – January

Elementary had a fun filled month learning about new vocabulary, sight words, and digging into learning about division. We also were able to learn how to make different types of ice cream through a science experiment and enjoyed learning about the process of evaporation and clouds. The students are growing and learning so much. We are excited for what February will bring.

Middle School Classroom Update – December

Middle school has had a busy month of academics, Christmas crafts, horse therapy, and off campus shopping. We have worked as a team with developing new STEM projects and campus wide project such as our annual door decoration class. The students collaborated and worked on social skills outside of the classroom. Great job Middle School!

November Middle School Events!

In the month of November Middle School has been staying busy with STEM projects, math and English rotations, and AZ History.  We added new curriculum to our English Language arts rotations and have been brushing up on our basic skills in math. The students have become very fluent with self assessment and tracking in math and language!  We have aligned most of our science and art projects with the holidays.  We made pumpkin pie in a bag and 3D ornaments.  Great job middle school!

November Junior High Events!

In the Junior High Classroom, the students were working on calculating area and perimeters of smaller scale figures in centimeters and inches, as well as finding the actual size in meters and feet.

In Science, students are already seeing results of the hard work they did in the vegetable garden. A student is holding a radish picked from our garden. The lettuce and carrots are coming along! Great job to our students who have maintained and worked in the beautiful student garden!

November Elementary Events!

Elementary enjoyed many fun activities for the month of November. The students learned about different animal and their habitats by taking part in their first computer-based research project. The students were very eager to learn about how to research about their selected animals on the computers. We were also very lucky to have a special guest come and visit the students this month! Crispy, the pig, came and showed off her charm to the students. They were able to pet and feed Crispy blueberries. Lastly, Elementary was able to head the food drive for the month of November! We were able to fill 4 full boxes filled with different types of food and a turkey for families in need for Thanksgiving! Good job guys!

Aurora’s Open House & Car Show

Open House was a fun and successful event!  With a car show, DJ, BBQ’d hot dogs for everyone, an Author and DDD in attendance, it was a great night!  Thank you to all of our amazing families who came, as well as our district representatives who took the time to join in on the fun! The Aurora Day PTA held a fabulous car show on November 2, 2017.  Participants from all over the valley came to showcase their cars, trucks and even bikes!  The event helped raise funds for food boxes during the holidays to help out our families in need.  Thank you all for participating and helping out such a wonderful cause!

Halloween at Aurora

Our Halloween party was a great success!  Many of our staff and students dressed up in fabulous costumes and had a great time trick or treating from class to class!


Meet Therapy Pig, Chris P. Bacon!

Aurora Day School had a visit from a therapy pig named Chris P Bacon!  The students thoroughly enjoyed her visit and desperately want her to come back as soon as possible!  Thank you Chris P for such a wonderful visit!

October Middle School Activities

October has been busy for middle school. We have continued with various STEM projects and focused on developing predictions and conclusions based off of our observations. The students had tasks each week including materials such as a wheel and barrel, axle, pulley, and screw. The students had to become very familiar with each simple machine in order to master their ‘problem’ of the day and apply it to real world scenarios.

 In art, we are beginning our festive activities. This month we made Halloween masks ! During this time, the students also practice social skills, sharing, and team collaboration techniques.  They did a fantastic job!


October Elementary Classroom Activities

Elementary had a fun-packed month! We were able to enjoy many activities which included a trip to Makutu’s Island! Students were able to work on their social skills during this off-campus event. The students were able to have the experience of playing in an indoor playground as well as socialize with other kids of different ages. Some students even experienced tried going down a tall slide for the FIRST TIME! Our Elementary students are working hard writing complex sentences, memorizing their multiplication facts, and work on creating their animal habitats. We are excited for the next month!


Special Olympics

Special Olympics kicked off the year with their first event in October. The students participated in Bocce ball. All our athletes were able to bring home medals in this events. Each team showed great sportsmanship and positive attitude on the field. All the coaches are proud of our athletes for being able to be such positive role models for our students at Aurora and other athletes.

RISE & SHINE Classrooms

In September in the SHINE classroom we did many new and exciting activities! Some of the highlights to our month included learning more about personal hygiene and health. Every morning in class we completed personal hygiene activities including fixing our hair and learning about dental hygiene. Students from Midwestern University came in and taught us more about dental health. Another of our most exciting activities we’ve completed this month has been cooking new and exciting recipes in our Shine Cooking Class.

In September the RISE classroom practiced our social skills, working on communicating better with our peers, learning about friendship, and using our words to communicate better with those around us. We got to learn about the different sounds letters make, and discovered words that those letters make! We are having a fun time learning new things and are excited for the rest of the year.


Middle School Class – September 2017

In middle school, we continued with engineering projects this month. We took math and life skills to another level by making a pancake breakfast for our class and campus. The students were responsible for measuring the ingredients, cooking, cleaning up, and serving guests. We also added some new sensory items called Magformers. The students all loved this and were able to show off their creativity with building various structures!

Art Class – September 2017

In art we have been working on team building with our classroom peers and building objects or pictures as a whole. The students collaborated to build a three D image and structure with various textures and size!

The HEART Center

Our students attended their first horse therapy session of the school year and had an amazing experience! This was our first trip to the new ranch, The HEART Center.  Thank you to the HEART Center for making our students and staff feel so welcomed. It is going to be a wonderful partnership and experience for our staff and students this school year!


August Students of the Month

Andrew L. is one of the most helpful students! He is always cleaning up in our classroom after his peers and cleaning up around our campus if he sees anything out of place. Andrew also loves to help other students in our class with classwork and everyday tasks or transitions. Great job Andrew!



Melanie R. is an outstanding student! She is a hard worker in the classroom. She is doing an amazing job as an employee of the Aurora Coffee Cart. She is showing super customer service skills! Great job Melanie!

Fun Friday

September 8, 2017

For Fun Friday activities, the students were rewarded with shaved ice treats!  Lots of smiles and loads of fun! Great job to our students!  What a wonderful week!  

August 2017

What’s Happening in Our Elementary School?

Welcome back to our amazing students and parents! Wow, we have missed you! Elementary had a very eventful and busy first month! The students were eager to learn and participate in new activities. Elementary has been able to grow and expand this year, as we are starting to take part in cooking classes every Thursdays after silent reading time. The students have been so eager and engaged in learning how to cook healthy snacks. They have also learned how to become scientists and use the process of the scientific method when conducting an experiment. Elementary was able to do three big science experiments this month which included melting candy, observing how Orbeez grow, and also learning how to collect data with pennies. The students had a lot of fun this month! We want to give a HUGE shout out and welcome to Mr. Andrew, who has done an excellent job working with the kids! We are excited for the new school year! 


What’s Happening in Our Middle School?

Middle school has had a busy start to the new year! Our first week of school, we worked on making sensory items for our self regulation techniques. The class really enjoyed using Orbeez! In history, we are learning about Arizona History and all the adaptations from our people and the land. We had a class project to bring in an item or photo describing our family histories. In science, our focus has been engineering. We have built many structures using limited items and focusing on how to work around ‘constraints’.


Transitions Activities

Aurora Day School Transitions Program is off to a great start this year! We’ve successfully integrated a P.O.S. (Point of Sale) System into our student coffee shop! Our students are taking orders using Android tablets and a small wireless receipt printer, similar to what you may see at small vendors and restaurants. The Transitions Program’s next project is the ADS Print Shop which will allow student employees to express their creative side through manufacturing custom print items such as Autism Walk t-shirts, custom mugs, banners, vinyl stickers, and much more!