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Enrollment Information

Aurora Day School is an academic service for special education students in grades K–12 who, for a variety of reasons, are not benefiting from the special education program provided in their home school. Students are referred to ADS and enrolled by their home school or enrolled by parents/guardians privately on a tuition basis.

The steps are as follows:

For a public school student:

  •  A determination is made that the student’s needs cannot be met within a traditional special education classroom.
  • The home school conducts an IEP meeting and gives prior written notice to the parents outlining the least restrictive environment for the student and enrollment at Aurora Day School.
  • ADS is then contacted by the home school, and ADS assists in the process of enrollment and admission. Prior to enrollment, parents/guardians are encouraged to tour the ADS facility and meet the teachers and available staff.

For an Empowerment Scholarship Award recipient:

  • Contact ADS for information about our program, schedule a tour, and discuss the needs of the student.
  • With guidance from ADS, provide and complete all of the necessary documentation to enroll the student in our program.

When a student is enrolled from their home school, there is no cost to the family unless the family chooses to provide additional services outside of the IEP requirements.

An ESA recipient who chooses ADS as the school of choice may or may not have additional costs, depending on the ESA amount awarded. Financial arrangements with the parent/guardian for any overages will be discussed and agreed to prior to enrollment.

ADS provides breakfast and lunch at no cost. Meals are within the approved federal nutrition guidelines. Students may bring their own lunch from home, if desired.

Transportation is provided by the home school or the parents/guardians.

Parent Resources

We hope you find the information and resources below helpful. If you know of groups, organizations, articles, or websites that you feel would benefit those who have been touched by a special needs child, send us an email! We’d love for this page to be flexible and relevant for you.

A great article about the emotional aspects of having a child with special needs, addressing the fact that “You Are Not Alone”:

Resource for empowering yourself with knowledge: The Advocates Bookstore:

AZ Department of Education – Parent Information Network may have numerous items  of interest to you:

AZ Department of Education General Information:

AZ Department of Education Special Education Information:

Raising Special Kids provides, support, information, resources, training, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities or special health needs in Arizona:

Organizations Specializing in Autism:

Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) is an account established to provide an education for qualified disabled students. The program’s main purpose is to provide options for parents to freely choose how and where to educate their children with financial assistance from the state: