Student of the Month

Student of the Month

April: Hailey

Hailey R was chosen for student of the month for April for several reasons. She has been a model student, completing her assigned work and doing more than required, following directions and being a leader in the classroom. Great job Hailey!

April: Tyler

Tyler M. was selected for April Student of the Month. He worked very hard and showed great improvement in following directions and was a role model to his peers. Tyler achieved Gold Level this month. He is very easy to work with and is patient and puts in a great effort during academic rotations. Great job Tyler!

March: Isaiah

Isaiah B. was voted student of the month for February by the Aurora Staff! Isaiah has been working very hard to follow staff directions and stay on task during the rotational model! Way to go Isaiah!


March: Jared

Jared had a fantastic March in the Shine Classroom. He was able to reach blue level and did a great job participating in all activities throughout the month. Jared has done a good job supporting his peers and has been able to communicate effectively with his peers.

February: Christopher

Christopher had an amazing month of March! He was very focused in making his day everyday. He was polite to staff and peers. Christopher has been working very hard on his academics and paying attention to direct instruction and with great participation. Great job Chris!

February: Mauricio

Mauricio did a great job in February earning student of the month! Mauricio participated well in all activities and was able to stay on Gold level all month. Mauricio has been able to stay in his seat and focus during lessons, adding an important voice to classroom discussions. Mauricio has been able to avoid distractions and has been able to set an example for his peers. Great Job!!

January: Avery

Avery has been working extremely hard, completing all of his assignments and complying with staff directions. His hard work is reflected in his i-Ready assessments going up two levels in math and reading. He is very proud of his accomplishments in school and it is also impacting his behavior at home. Great job Avery!!

January: C.J.

C.J. was chosen for student of the month because he continues to exemplify the characteristics that are reflective of his hard work and great attitude! He is currently on a Blue point level and on his way to Gold! Great job C.J!

November: Carter

Carter has been very willing to try new things and has stepped out of his comfort zone in an effort to prepare for life after high school.  He completes all coursework quickly and to the best of his ability.  He has been a wonderful addition to our classroom!  Great job Carter!

November: Matty

Matty has been excelling in math and language rotations. He has moved up a grade level in both content areas. Matty brings joy to our classroom with his positive attitude and smile’s!

October: Valeria

Valeria has a wonderful sense of humor and is an incredibly hard worker in the classroom.  She has completed all of her classroom assignments.  Valeria has been an awesome addition to our high school classroom!

October: Connor

Connor works hard in class getting his work done. He is kind to staff and students in his class. Connor always has a smile on his face when he comes into class and continues to wear that smile throughout the day.

September: Jakob H.

For the month of September, Jakob H. has received student of the month in the middle school classroom. Jakob has been taking notice to his academics and trying his absolute best to work diligently in all of our rotation models. Jakob never hesitates to offer a hand to help his peers or staff. Great job Jakob!