Brooklyn STEM Professional Development Program

Program Overview:

Schools Served: 9
Teachers Served:
Coaching Days:
Institutes Hosted: 16 local; 4 all-school
Grades Levels: K-8

Brooklyn and Queens Teachers Across 9 Schools Participated in a 2-Year STEM Professional Development Program

Catapult Learning and the Diocese of Brooklyn have partnered to provide a 2 year STEM-focused professional development program to teachers. The program was comprised of coaching sessions and institutes bringing together teachers within the Elementary Principal Advisory Committee (EPAC) covering the Rockaways and Eastern Queens schools.

Schools who complete this program report having received an improvement in effective STEM instruction and the successful implementation of best practices in the classroom, allowing them to support academic achievement. Training topics included the Engineering Design Process, inquiry-based learning, guides to creating STEM unit plans, and developing STEM habits during lessons. Catapult Learning is an approved CTLE provider and looks forward to continuing to partner with the Diocese of Brooklyn.