HRS at North Caroline High


In-District Partnership – Maryland Eastern Shore: Caroline County


High Road School at North Caroline High

10990 River Road
Ridgely, MD 21660

For Program Information:

Beth Cubit


Staff (left to right): Kyle Wright, Assistant Teacher; Suzanne Rubino, Assistant Teacher; Meaghan Fatzer, Special Education Teacher; Ileana Hoffman, Social Worker; Ashley Herron, Assistant Teacher; and Cory Brady, Assistant Teacher


N. Caroline HSThe High Road School at North Caroline High School is acontracted special education classroom within the school that hosts both full-day and partial-day programming for students with emotional disabilities in grades 9–12. Students receive a highly individualized, multisensory academic/behavioral program based on an assessment of each student’s particular needs and strengths. The primary objective of the program is to accelerate student performance to a level necessary to reach achievement standards aligned with the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards. In addition to primarily serving students with specific emotional disabilities (ED), the High Road School program provides services for students who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability (ID), multiple disabilities (MD), and other health impairments (OHI).

Since the High Road program is located within North Caroline High School, our students are able to share the public school’s curriculum, materials, equipment, and amenities while still receiving targeted, research-based interventions that have been customized to advance the reading, writing, and math skills of challenged students, along with their ability to better understand and master content.

Ultimately, we are committed to building the confidence and competence of every one of our students by providing them with consistent and structured instruction in deficit areas and teaching them how to become independent learners in the general education setting. At the High Road School at North Caroline High, leading students to success is our steadfast focus and mission.