Kindness Challenge

At the start of the 2018 Spring season, Ms. Ileana, High Road social worker, led a group activity with students in the High Road programs at Denton Elementary and North Caroline High school. The group activity focused on promoting random acts of kindness. Ms. Ileana introduced discussion topic of showing kindness towards others. Students brainstormed and identified real life examples of what random acts of kindness might look like in school, at home, and in the community. Following discussion, Ms. Ileana introduced “Kindness Challenge” which involved students participating in a random act of kindness towards identified staff members throughout the school. Students participated in the “Kindness Challenge” as a group and walked around the school to deliver flowers to identified staff. After completing the challenge, students discussed thoughts and feelings after the challenge. In conclusion, students acknowledged that a random act of kindness is not doing something to be rewarded or recognized, but simply to spread kindness and positive feelings.

Communication Old School

Students in grades 1-5 at the High Road School program in Caroline County Maryland explore sound waves in science. Using paper cups and string, they experimented with voice vibrations to produce a communication device. Several types of yarn and string were used, and the winner for the best sound waves was regular twine. The students enjoyed this activity very much! Who needs a cell phone?!


Social Worker Appreciation

March was Social Worker Appreciation Month. Ileana Hoffman is the social worker for Caroline County High Road Rooms; North Caroline High School, Lockerman Middle School & Denton Elementary School. It is her second year with our High Road Programs in Caroline County, which has allowed her the ability to build great rapport with students and staff alike. She is a hardworking, dedicated professional who helps our students build appropriate social skills and learn new coping tools to use when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Ileana is always available to talk to students and will come from whichever school she is at to help students in crisis process through their problems and help them find a solution. Dedicated to the students, the staff and the classrooms Ileana is an amazing social worker who provides invaluable support to our rooms and our students’ success.

100 Days on Blue!

Kennara joined NCHS High Road for her 9th grade year. It has been her initial transition back into the public school setting since 6th grade. Since joining us she maintained Blue level and passed all her classes through the High Road room for the first semester. Since the beginning of the second semester she has started 2 classes out in general education along with those she takes in our room and has still maintained Blue level despite a few beginning of the semester bumps as she became familiar with her general education teachers and classes. This shows great self control, adaptability and use of coping skills that have led her to celebrate 100 days on Blue level in our classroom! We are all so proud of Kennara!

Calming Critters Group Counseling Activity

Students in High Road at Denton Elementary School practiced using coping skills by creating “Calming Critters” when participating in a group counseling session with High Road Social Worker, Ileana Hoffman, LGSW. Group session focused on identifying feelings and exploring new coping tools. Ms. Ileana and students engaged in discussion about different feelings and knowing the signs your body gives you about what you’re feeling. For example, when a student feels worried, his stomach may feel upset or when he is angry he may feel like his face is red. Students identified coping tools that help them manage their feelings at school such as asking for a self time-out or communicating with staff. Ms. Ileana introduced “Calming Critter” while emphasizing the goal for students to have a variety of skills they can use to manage their feelings. Students created their own “Calming Critter” by utilizing a variety of yarn colors and other craft supplies. Students displayed creativity by giving their critters unique hair cuts, creating eyes, feet, antennae, mouths, etc. When Calming Critters were finished, students learned how they can use their Calming Critters as a coping tool. Students practiced using their Calming Critters in a variety of ways such as whispering worries to the critter, holding it when angry or upset, and using it as a fidget tool when overexcited or when listening to their teacher read. Students were excited to have a Calming Critter to add to their coping skills tool box!

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