Extracting DNA at Cambridge–South Dorchester High

By extracting strawberry DNA students were able to see up close and personal deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) strands.

  • Students followed the scientific method and created hypothesis on what they thought would happen.
  • They created a detergent using isopropyl alcohol, dish soap, sodium chloride.
  • The students then used cheese cloth to separate
  • The detergent was added to the liquid solution.
  • Within seconds the students observed DNA strands starting to extract from the liquid molecules.

March 2018

Launching Into Learning


The students have been working on acceleration, speed and velocity. The students calculated the project using the formula distance= velocity x time. To get the basics of how objects move and what forces affect them during movement/flight. Then we started on projectile motion, to give us an understanding of the path of projectiles when launched or shot. To demonstrate these principles well are making catapults of different designs to be used for different targets.







February 2018

Choptank Elementary Students Celebrating Valentine’s Day






February 2017

Choptank Elementary Students Hard at Work







September 2016

Individual & Small-Group Instruction in Action







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