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News & Events

Black History Month Poster Contest

In preparation for Black History Month, our High Roads School at Green Holly Elementary is participating in the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant’s 17th Annual Black History Month Poster Contest! Our students learned about influential people in African American History such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and more. The inspiring words and actions from these historic people hold important lessons that our students enjoyed discussing. Each student then chose a person from African American history that they wanted to make a poster about, brainstormed what they could include to make their posters unique, and put in a lot of effort to make some wonderful projects! We had several posters of Martin Luther King Jr., a couple of Rosa Parks, and even a Barak Obama! The posters will be judged on overall appearance and originality. We look forward to hearing the results when they are judged in mid-March!

Calming Critters Group Counseling Activity

Students in High Road at Denton Elementary School practiced using coping skills by creating “Calming Critters” when participating in a group counseling session with High Road Social Worker, Ileana Hoffman, LGSW. Group session focused on identifying feelings and exploring new coping tools. Ms. Ileana and students engaged in discussion about different feelings and knowing the signs your body gives you about what you’re feeling. For example, when a student feels worried, his stomach may feel upset or when he is angry he may feel like his face is red. Students identified coping tools that help them manage their feelings at school such as asking for a self time-out or communicating with staff. Ms. Ileana introduced “Calming Critter” while emphasizing the goal for students to have a variety of skills they can use to manage their feelings. Students created their own “Calming Critter” by utilizing a variety of yarn colors and other craft supplies. Students displayed creativity by giving their critters unique hair cuts, creating eyes, feet, antennae, mouths, etc. When Calming Critters were finished, students learned how they can use their Calming Critters as a coping tool. Students practiced using their Calming Critters in a variety of ways such as whispering worries to the critter, holding it when angry or upset, and using it as a fidget tool when overexcited or when listening to their teacher read. Students were excited to have a Calming Critter to add to their coping skills tool box!

Balloon Workout for Gym Class

This past week, the class had fun using balloons for gym! Students rotated to three different stations with a balloon in hand, where they were required to use the balloon to help test their speed and agility! One station, they had to throw the balloon up in the air and do as many jumping jacks as possible before the balloon hit the floor. At the next, they continued their cardio exercise with jogging in place while hitting the balloon to make sure it stays in the air! Finally, at the last station they had to work out their hamstrings with some donkey kicks while balancing the balloon! A good time and a great workout was had by all!

Staying Healthy

At the peak of the cold and flu season, our students learned in Health about what exactly germs are, how they spread, and why they make us sick! Using glitter on their hands to represent germs, students did an experiment to show how far germs can spread by shaking each other hands. We got to see how far and how many people we could spread our germs to if we do not wash our hands! After our experiment, the students learned about the most effective way to stop disease- washing your hands! Miss. Brescia demonstrated the proper way to wash your hands and each student got the chance to practice washing theirs! With all this knowledge, we are hopeful to have a healthy rest of our school year!

Charlotte’s Web and the Fair!

As a class, our students read Charlotte’s Web. Each day before reading began, the students would recall what happened in the story the previous day and what they predict would happen next. It was really a joy to see the excitement of the students when they recapped the story and brainstormed what could possibly be in store next for their favorite characters: Wilbur, Charlotte, and Fern!

At the conclusion of reading the story, our class turned into the “Country Fair” that Fern and Wilbur went to in the book for a Fun Friday. Students and staff came dressed for the fair- in plaid and jeans! Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to earn tickets to the fair that they used to participate in the fair games. These activities included a jello eating contest, balloon pop game, ring toss, and face painting. Winners from the games got prizes that included pencils, erasers, extra technology time, and even lunch with a teacher of their choice! When they were done with the activities, the students got to enjoy the concession stand, full of fair-themed goodies like ice cream, cotton candy, and lemonade!

Getting in the Holiday Spirit on Fun Fridays!

We were getting in the holiday spirit on Fridays in our classroom, with holiday-themed Fun Fridays!  For our first holiday-themed Fun Friday, we called it “Grinch-mas”- which was themed after “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”! We read the book, watched the movie, made “heart two times as small” ornaments, and celebrated with mint milkshakes topped with a candy cane!

Our second holiday-themed Fun Friday was based on the Polar Express.  We wore our pajamas, drank hot chocolate, got to read the Polar Express, and got to watch the movie! We also did several crafts, including making snowflake ornaments and gingerbread house picture frames.

Lastly, we celebrated the start of winter break with our Winter Wonderland Fun Friday.  We gift wrapped all of the ornaments and crafts we had made throughout the month for our friends and family, watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and made each other snowmen with toilet paper!
It was great to see all our students enjoy the Fun Fridays that they earned by working hard all throughout the month!