HRA at Linthicum Elementary

High Road Academy Partnership Program with Anne Arundel County Public Schools


High Road Academy at Linthicum Elementary School

101 School Lane
Linthicum, MD 21090
Phone: 410-222-6935
Fax: 410-222-6936

Cindy Trimble
Elise Hoffman

Assistant Teachers
Adrienne Lyon
Terena McLorn

Content Assistants
Bryan Caprari
Karina vanBerkum

High Road Academy at Linthicum Elementary School is a Type II full-day special education and related services program for students with specific learning disabilities in elementary school grades 1–5. High Road Academy at Linthicum Elementary School operates under the legal authority of Specialized Education of MD, Inc. The goal of the program is to accelerate student academic performance to a level necessary to allow the student to reach achievement standards that are aligned with the Maryland Core Learning Goals. The content standards are based on the state’s approved grade-level content standards for reading/English, language arts, and mathematics.

Supports will be provided for High Road Academy students in the general education setting. Student programs are developed in accordance with each student’s IEP and all available assessment data. In order to accelerate student academic achievement, High Road Academy at Linthicum Elementary School will complete a comprehensive academic assessment to identify targeted areas of skill remediation. High Road Academy then provides intensive academic interventions, offering personalized, interactive, and multisensory instruction in the process. In addition to improving student academic outcomes, our specific research-based interventions deliver strategies for content enhancement and mastery.

From the High Road Academy classroom, students mainstream into classes within Linthicum Elementary School and have access to all school facilities and programs. The Anne Arundel County Public Schools curriculum is implemented in the High Road Academy classroom. After completion of the program, students are expected to enter less restrictive middle school programs without the need for intensive supports.

Venus Presentations 1

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