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News & Events

Computer Repair Class: Workforce Development Program

A small class made up of juniors and seniors at the High Road Academy were provided the opportunity to pilot a new class in the school’s Work Force Development Program. The Work Force Program is a co-op between High Road Academy and Prince George Community College. Students can earn a certificate and the knowledge needed to better understand how a computer works. A few highlights from the class include students learning how to remotely control a secondary computer from their own and of course getting the chance to take a computer completely apart and rebuild it while learning about how each part works. One student we interviewed commented that, “The class was great. There was a ton of information, but Mr. Hall broke it down well.” Computer Repair was a complete success and the demand for next year’s participation is staggering. Skills gained in this class correlate so much to the changing nature of the job market and the constant advancement of technology. With unique classes like this, students only stand to become more marketable after graduation.

“Lyrics in the Living Room” — Lavonte M.

During the month of April, the students and staff at High Road Academy of Prince George’s county celebrated National Poetry Month. Everyday during the morning announcements students were exposed to different poetic devices and challenged to use these throughout the day. The month ended with a poetry presentation entitled “Lyrics in the Living Room” in which students and staff shared poems that they were inspired to write. Below is the original poem written by Lavonte M who said he used his cousin for inspiration when writing. Lavonte also finished in 2nd place in the poetry slam.

Loyalty or royalty
I’m stating fact in this poetry
I grow up in the struggle
where we had no other choice but to hustle.
I had to go get up and get
cause wasn’t nobody else going for me.
I got tired sitting on my bottom,
so I got up and started chasing a dollar.
I never been a yes man,
I grew up to be my own man.
My mother always told me to shoot for the stars.
Is that why she as hard on me?
She didn’t want to lose her baby to the streets this year.
Jazz when I heard about y’all, I wanted to retaliate fast
I know y’all was in the streets deeper concrete life was just moving fast.
I wish that I can rewind, I wish I can go back in time.

High Road Academy of Prince George’s County 8th Grade Promotion.

Jalan White Regional Spelling Bee
A Personal Account from the High School Champion

I can remember the day I signed up for the spelling bee. Mrs. Deluzio came to my class room announcing that we were having a spelling bee at the school. Once I saw the poster I was excited to sign up because I knew I was very good at spelling. I was so excited to be in the spelling bee and I told with my friend Jalan who told me he also signed up for the spelling bee. This was exciting news because I knew I had a friend to study with.

Once we got into the swing of studying it turned into a challenge to see which one of us would win.  We continued to study together because we knew we could push each other in the end. I can remember the first word we couldn’t spell; the word was “adequate” we both were kind of upset because we had been studying for a long time. Eventually we laughed it off and moved on.

A month later the spelling bee came, I was so nervous I felt like I couldn’t do it. Then it was time I spelled my first word right, Jalan also spelled his first word right.  We went on round after round.  As we continued I was nervous and anxious at the same time because I wanted to win.  It felt like a million eyes was on me, and then I spelled my last two words wrong. I was angry with myself for the remainder of the day.

A few weeks later, we got the bad news that Jalan passed away, it had hurt me a little because I met him this year and he was a very cool person to be around. When I found out the bad news I was down and thinking about him.  Shortly after he passed away I attended his funeral, I couldn’t stand to be there knowing that I wouldn’t see him again. As I sat there and listened to the speeches and performances I cried because I didn’t know him long enough before his death. Every day since Jalan’s death I felt like school wouldn’t be the same without hearing him say wassup to me every day.

After Jalan passed away I found out from Mrs. D that we were having a Regional Spelling Bee this year and it was going to be named after him.  Each school participating was sending there top two winners and I although I came in 3rdI could represent our school since Jalan passed away and he won in the high school division.   Everyday after that I studied hard to win first place so that I could honor my friend. 

Winning the spelling bee means a lot to me because when I signed originally signed up it was me and Jalan.  We always talked about who was going to win and he managed to win 1st and I came in 3rd. place.  At the end of the day I got an opportunity to represent my friend, I was there in his place so to win it showed everybody that Jalan is always going to be with us forever. It was an honor to win 1st place in the very first Jalan White Regional Spelling Bee and I will always remember the honor I was given to show up in place of Jalan because he was a close friend.

Inaugural Jalen White Regional Spelling Bee

Spelling Bees are a popular and effective way to have students become better spellers. It allows them to practice spelling words they might not ordinarily use while mixing in some fun and competition. This the High Road Schools of the Maryland South Region decided to create a regional spelling be that would comprise of the top 2 spellers from each program in the elementary, middle, and high schools.

Early in planning for the process, our schools were dealt a blow with the tragic passing of one of the Regional Spelling Bee participants, Jalan White. Jalan was an 11th grade student at High Road Academy of Prince George’s County. He was an eager learner and literary craftsman. He not only had a refined vocabulary, but also was able to skillfully express his unique perspective using the most colorful collection of words. He was a shining light who was undeniably noticed by both students and staff. He participated in all events that allowed him to exhibit his creativity and talents. The spelling bee was one such event. He won 2nd place in the high school division of his local school spelling bee last year and confidently entered, once again, during this school year where he won 1st place. He wore a sense of accomplishment as he looked forward to competing in our very first regional spelling bee. Due to his untimely passing he is not able to be physically present with us, however his memory will continue to live on through this display of hard work and dedication. With this tribute, that is a reflection of what Jalan so beautifully embodied, we have chosen to officially declare this ceremony: The Jalan White Regional Spelling Bee. Through this annual event his light will continue to shine forth as his memory will be cherished for years to come.

In its inaugural year, the spelling bee delivered suspense and competition in each division (elementary, middle, high). The elementary spelling bee kicked it off with amazing display of spelling and ended with a several round face-off between Zye’ J (High Road Academy – Laurel) and Evert A. (High Road Lower School – Lanham). Eventually, Evert edged Zye’ in a battle of middle school words that had the audience captivated.

The middle and high schools spelling competitions continued to provide the audience with anticipation and amazement as our older student competitors exchanged correct spelling with correct spelling. Ultimately, Mariella M. (High Road Academy – Lanham) outlasted the competition to win the Middle School Spelling Bee. Dashawn R. (High Road Academy – Lanham) scored a victory over Kendra R. and Wesley R. (tied for second).

It was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G display of academic skill and stellar sportsmanship both befitting the legacy of Jalen White

Malik C. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Zye’ J. – High Road Academy (Laurel) 2nd Place
Dayshawn K. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Toryonna B. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Anthony P. – High Road Lower School (Lanham)
Evert A. – High Road Lower School (Lanham) 1st Place

Emma C. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Rachel M. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Charlie B. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Mariella M. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Faith W. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Sean H. – High Road Lower School (Lanham)

Miracle S. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Lily R. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Wesley R. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Deshawn C. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Kendra R. – High Road Upper School (Lanham)
DeAsia W. – High Road Upper School (Lanham)
Dashawn R. – High Road Upper School (Lanham)

Forever In The Twilight – Senior Prom

Black History Month – 2018

During the month of February the students and staff at High Road Academy of Prince George’s County celebrated Black History month. Each class selected an influential African-American and was responsible for creating a presentation which could be a song, dance, poem, or a visual display. Students and staff ended the month with a Black History month ceremony is which the Unity dancers performed as well as each class got a chance to present the person that they selected.

Exploring Professions – Landscaping

Recently, the Elementary, Middle, and High School students interested in careers in Landscaping attended a workshop hosted by Elisha Pittman to gain information regarding the profession.  Students received information regarding the pay range, types of work involved, working for yourself, and customer service.  They were very interested in hearing about the many aspects of the landscaping business.

Workforce Development Recognition Ceremony

The High Road Schools Recognition Ceremony is a bi-annual event that provides our students the chance to be recognized for their achievements in a variety of certification courses that are offered.  Recently we celebrated some our Junior and Senior students at Highroad Academy of Prince George’s County for completing certificate programs offered at Prince George’s Community College through the Workforce Development Program during the Fall semester.  Congratulations to the following students:

Customer Service

Noel H.
Juan V.

Microsoft 1

Juan V.
James W.
Aaron K.
Albert V.R.
Katlin M.
Yahkeem D.
Barron A.
D’Kari P.



High Road Academy of Prince George’s County Spelling Bee: 2017-2018 School Year Champions

The High Road Academy recently held their annual Spelling Bee.  This year, the winners will advance to a regional spelling bee to be held in the spring of 2018.  Congratulations to the 2017-18 HIgh Road Academy of Prince George’s County spelling be winners.

 Elementary School

1st Place:  Myles McKenzie
2nd Place: Dayshawn Knight
3rd Place: Toryonna Boston


 Middle School

1st Place: Mariella Morales
2nd Place: Faith Waite
3rd Place: Sky Phillips

 High School

1st Place: Jalan White
2nd Place: Wesley Romero Juarez
3rd Place: Deshawn Clark

Career Day 2017

workfornce development logoThroughout the year our Transition Program students are exposed to a variety of career options. The Annual Career Fair a great way to interact with the professionals within specific industries. Students were able to hear about careers in the following fields: Park Ranger, Fire Fighter, Plumbing, Musician, Police Officer as well as hear about admission and college life from a representative from Bowie State University.

Career Day 2017

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Great News for High Road Schools

Check out the latest edition of “Stepping Stones,” the MANSEF newsletter. In this issue, students from the High Road Academy (Laurel ) are featured (page 5). Also, the 2017 Michael Cardin Scholarship recipients have been announced, including several High Road students (pages 1 and 12).


Look Beyond the Book

The theme for this year’s week-long literacy event at the High Road Academy was “Look Beyond the Book.” As part of the event, students were able to purchase books at our Book Fair, they participated in a writing workshop with local authors, and they  finished off the week with a poetry slam during which some of our budding writers composed poems they shared in with their peers and staff.