High Road Academy of Wallingford (CT)

High Road Academy of Wallingford

HRA wallingford photo31 Village Lane
Wallingford, CT 06492
Phone: 203-294-9139
Fax: 203-294-9782


Chief Administrator
Brooke Kelly

Education Director
Sue Gilleaudeau

Sue Gilleadeau


The High Road Academy of Wallingford specializes in serving students who face learning, language, and social challenges, with diagnoses including but not limited to: ASDs, LDs, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disabilities, anxiety disorders, NLDs, and speech-language disorders.

High Road’s interdisciplinary staff—consisting of an Education Director,  Admissions Director, certified special education teachers, teaching assistants, school social workers, school psychologists, and speech-language pathologists—is responsible for providing our comprehensive special education program. The services of a psychiatrist and occupational therapists are also available on an as-needed basis.

The High Road Academy is committed to the success of all of our students. Educational course sequencing is based on that of the respective school district and addresses all state standards. In addition, instructional strategies address the strengths and needs of each child. Our initiatives are implemented within a warm and nurturing environment characterized by small class sizes, personal attention, and positive reinforcement.

Other features of our program include integrated computer technology, social skills classes, art appreciation, and physical education. An expansive menu of age-appropriate transition services is also offered to our high school students, incorporating life skills training, college preparation, and career readiness, among other post-graduation pursuits, like our renowned vocational tracks in culinary arts, horticulture/landscaping, and building maintenance. Throughout the school day, the High Road Academy maintains a strong behavioral management system that emphasizes accountability and the development of appropriate behaviors necessary for academic and lifelong success.

The High Road Academy accepts students who have been referred to our day program by their local school district, as well as those students referred to our shorter-term Interim Alternative Education Placement (IAEP) program. This 40-day program is a fully developed behavioral and academic intervention plan that expertly meets all district needs for interim placements; it encompasses intensive academic intervention, comprehensive behavior management, and individual and group counseling. With the end goal of reintegrating participating students into their public school special education classrooms, High Road assists public school districts with placement evaluation, review, and appropriate recommendations.

In addition to our school’s regular 10-month school year program, we offer an ESY (extended school year) program for eligbile students identified through the Planning and Placement Team meeting process. This summer programming provides academic support with an eye toward preventing regression of skills and maintaining academic and behavioral skills development through such means as subject area tutorials, behavioral instruction, recreational activities, and cultural experiences.

Family involvement continues to be a staple of the High Road model, and parents are always encouraged to visit the school at any time, learn more about our program, and become as involved as they wish in the academic pursuits of their children.

The High Road Academy does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ethnic background, religion, or gender in the admission of students or employment of staff.