Parent Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of High Road Academy. I have had the privilege of working with the staff at High Road not only on a personal level but on a professional level as well.

Several years ago, I had a client who attended the Upper School at High Road. At the time, he was having some difficulties in and out of school. I worked very closely with members of the staff and other outside agencies in order to assist the client in dealing with his home and school environments. I was not only impressed with the level of professionalism shown by the staff but also at how well every teacher knew the students whether or not they had the student in their class.

On a personal note, my son currently attends High Road Academy. He had attended mainstream school under the auspices of Special Education. His academic as well as social progress was minimal to none at all. Homework that should have taken 30–45 minutes took several hours and by the time it was done he was very often in tears and/or very frustrated. Through the years, we continually requested more services. By the time he was in fifth grade we knew that it was more than time for an alternative learning environment. High Road immediately came to mind and, after much discussion, the Board of Education agreed to a placement there. Since being placed, my son has flourished academically and socially. In fact, as well as being at High Road my son currently attends a class at the local high school and performs with several community theater groups in town. If he had not been afforded the opportunity of attending High Road, I believe his progress would have been minimal at best.

Whether a student is attending the Lower or Upper School, High Road provides a safe and welcoming learning environment. The administrators, teachers, social workers and support staff all have a vested interest in each and every student and continually encourage and provide challenges for them both academically and in their outside activities.

~ High Road Academy Parent

To Whom This May Concern:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to High Road Academy’s Faculty and Staff for the time and energy put into my child’s improvement. High Road Academy is a great learning environment to the community.

~ From the Family of a 10th-Grade Male Student with Autism