High Road Program at Lamberton (IU#26)

7501 Woodbine Ave
Philadelphia PA, 19151

Director:  Stephen Plantholt

The School District of Philadelphia has partnered with the High Road School to provide IU programs to support the needs of students with emotional exceptionalities. These programs are currently operating from three district sites and are referred to as High Road, IU 26 Programs at Lamberton, Frankford and Ferguson. This partnership allows our students to gain access to the interventions needed to drive success while maintaining placement in neighborhood schools and allowing them opportunities to interact with their non-disabled peers.

Our Directors, Teachers, Assistant Teachers, 1:1 aides and support staff are dedicated to our mission of building competence and confidence through individualized academic and behavioral interventions. A variety of academic and behavioral supports are implemented to encourage student success, and it is the goal of the Philadelphia team to make sure that each student develops academic and social skills that encourage success not only within the building, but in the broader context of their lives.

Our academic model follows a predictable rotation schedule that is focused on tutorials and teacher support in classrooms with a 1:4 staff to student ratio not exceed 8 students. Our therapeutic behavioral model supports student growth through the consistent measure of student behaviors and immediate feedback for appropriate and inappropriate school behaviors. A system of school based incentives is established at each site, and students are encouraged to be successful through therapeutic relationships with instructional staff and social workers, individualized contracts that focus on behavioral and academic improvement, and a small setting that can facilitate the attention and support that many of our students need.

All students are referred by the school district of Philadelphia, and interested families will receive a tour hosted by our Directors and their staff. Discussions regarding school protocol and individual student need are held at the time of the tour. Students are deemed eligible through the IEP process based their academic and social emotional needs.