Culinary Program

High Road School Culinary Program

Our ServSafe course discusses a range of topics from food-borne illness, purchasing and receiving guidelines, food preparation, holding, and serving guidelines, food safety management systems, sanitation guidelines for facilities and equipment, and integrated pest control. We also focus on food safety regulations and employee training.

Students who pass the certification tests are awarded with a certificate that is valid for 3 years. This certificate allows students to go to any restaurant or fast food facility with a leg up on others applying for the job. We are very pleased to say that to date we have a 100% pass rate!

ProStart is a two year program for high school students provided through the National Restaurant Association in partnership with the Maryland state education department. The purpose of the ProStart program is to teach our students both the skills and an understanding of the restaurant industry. The students gain the information required for front of the house, business management along with the basic kitchen skills needed.  At High Road School, we work alongside the restaurant association to allow our students exposure to the front and back of the house, and a understanding of what it would be like to have a job or career in the restaurant industry. Our main focus is currently is on customer service, teamwork, safety and sanitation and professionalism.

Cake Decorating

Our student where introduced to basic cake decorating skills. They learned how to apply a crumb coat as well as how to use different pipping tips. The students where required to show how to set-up, change, and utilize pipping bags for the first time. After they completed the icing portion they where allowed to use sprinkles and colored sugars to decorate they mini cakes in any way they wanted. The amount of effort and excitement was contagious!