Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Jess Miller, Program Director

Jess Miller holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Jess has a sister with special needs which lead to her current career. After successfully obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, she became a caseworker for adults with mental and physical health concerns. Still looking for the right position for herself, she found the High Road School. Having been with the school since it opened in 2015, as Lead Teacher’s Assistant, Jess felt that she had finally found the perfect spot! The next year she moved into a position that allowed her to work closely with our BCBA and complete her master’s degree. In August of 2017 she became the Program Director and she is loving every minute of it! Her favorite place to be is with the students in the classroom, so she tries to be there whenever she can! Jess is not only incredibly passionate about helping people, but passionate about helping others learn to help our students. She loves seeing our staff make progress just as much as she enjoys seeing our student’s progress. Jess’ goal is to make our school a place where everyone (staff and students) feels like they have a home and a place where people care about their progress.

Lauren Wolters, Social Worker

Lauren has been inspired to work with children and families throughout her entire life. Much of that inspiration has come from family members and friends who have come from difficult backgrounds. This led her to pursue social work. She graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia with my Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work at the University of Missouri- Columbia. Lauren also holds the title title of Licensed Master Social Worker.

Prior to working at High Road School of Boone County, she had worked for Great Circle Foster Care Case Management working with children in the foster care system, their families, and their foster care families. She also worked Beulah Ralph Elementary School with the School facilitating student groups focused on social skills, safety, empowerment, responsibility, and identifying feelings. In her current role, Lauren meets with students on a daily basis in order to address goals and assist them in reaching their full potential. They review things such as personal space, voice levels, communication techniques, interrupting, identifying feelings, and other social skills. They also go over self-regulation skills and ways in which they can control their behaviors.

Lauren is passionate about helping our students to achieve their goals and assisting them to be the best version of themselves.

Janice M. Smith, MA, BCBA

Janice obtained a master’s degree in behavior analysis from University of Nevada-Reno. Her undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Missouri. Prior to joining the High Road team, Janice served children, youth, adults and families in mid-Missouri. Her experience spans public schools, day care centers, homes, and supported living arrangements.

Prior to moving to Columbia in 2009, Janice was an administrator with the ABA department of Special School District of St. Louis County. At High Road School of Boone County, Janice leads the academic and behavioral programming in the Language Program. Responsible for the ABA-instruction of staff and students, Janice collaborates with classroom teams to conduct functional behavior assessments and develop effective behavior interventions. She supervises the collection and assessment of data pertaining to student progress.

Janice also contributes to the professional development of Catapult team members across the country by providing training in applied behavior analysis at the Autism Institute, consulting with Catapult schools, and contributing to PD Hub. Janice is passionate about developing staff. Nothing beats watching staff grow in their skill set and confidence. People that work with children with severe problem behavior have the biggest hearts and are the coolest people to work around every day!