Program Information

Program Information

Wise Guys

Our school has partnered with AAPP, the Alliance for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, which works to reduce the number of teenagers who are sexually active, become pregnant, and become teen parents. AAPP offers educational programs statewide for young people and their parents. Representatives from AAPP in Delaware will be running weekly groups for the young men in our program. Topics of group discussion include: self-esteem, sexuality, goal setting, dating violence, healthy relationships, and parenthood. Each participant who completes the program will receive a $50 gift card. We are excited to collaborate with this worthy organization to help educate our students.

Service Learning Project

service learningStudents at the High Road School of Delaware were invited to participate in the construction of the new playground at the Clarence Fraim Boys and Girls Club, which is located next door to the school. The students and staff utilize the club for athletic games, special events, and gym class at times and were happy to give back to the facility. Thanks to the efforts of High Road and other volunteers, the children who attend the boys and girls club now have a safe and fun place to play outdoors!

Regional Sports League

The High Road School of Delaware is committed to providing services, programs, and activities that provide opportunities for students to grow both inside and outside of the classroom. As part of that commitment, our school has been participating for several years now in a sports league comprised of other schools in SESI’s Maryland North Region. The league gives students a chance to interact with kids from other regional schools and to show school pride in their own.

Throughout the school year, we compete in three sports: (1) flag football in the fall; (2) basketball in winter; and (3) volleyball in spring. Each sport has its own play-off and crown champions for the season. In flag football, the play-offs are conducted in bowl format, similar to the NCAA. Naturally, we have our own form of March Madness to crown our basketball champions.

Participation on these sports teams allows our students not only to cultivate athletic skills, but also to gather experience and learn critical lessons in such areas as teamwork, collaboration, and good sportsmanship. Playing sports in our league is a highly sought after activity on campus, so only green-level and blue-level students who have demonstrated sound judgment and good decision-making skills in school can participate in practices and games.

Each year, all the schools get together for a Sports Banquet at which the students are celebrated for their athletic performance and sportsmanship. All participating students receive a participation award at the banquet.

Partnership with OCI of Wilmington

Our school has created a partnership with Opportunity Center, Inc. (OCI) of Wilmington, DE, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide individuals with disabilities an exceptional service delivery experience through innovative and valued employment, training, rehabilitation, and support services. OCI offers many rehabilitation and employment services to people with disabilities. It also offers outsourcing job options to businesses and government agencies in a variety of fields, including: packaging and assembly, food service, mail management, administrative services, warehousing, shipping and receiving, computer recycling, and logistics. We are excited to work with OCI in continuing to provide the best services possible for our students!

School-to-Work Programs

school to work programThe High Road School of Delaware is proud to announce that 100% of our student body participates in the School-to-Work Program! Some of the school jobs that comprise the program are menu collectors, cooks, servers, dishwashers, grocery shopping aides, stockers, and organizers. Other positions include trash collectors, cleaners, accountants, clothing designers, photographers, team managers, store clerks and managers, and mail couriers. As students work and earn money in their school accounts, they have the responsibility of monitoring their account balance. Some students have taken what they’ve learned from the School-to-Work Program and applied it to the real world, securing employment outside of school at local grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, and retail establishments.

One student who has made great strides within the program and serves as a role model to his fellow students is Andrew M. Andrew maintains a positive work ethic and is now volunteering his time to an organization that is important to him—namely, he devotes his free time to the local PetSmart store, helping to care for animals as they await adoption. Andrew enjoys working with animals, particularly when they’re out of their cages, running, playing, and loving life in his company!

College Visit

college visitOn September 25, seniors from the High Road School of Delaware visited the Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades. Located in Pennsylvania, this school helps prepare deserving young men to be productive, respected members of society by providing a free academic, trade, technical, moral, and religious education to those individuals who qualify. The college offers six programs of study: carpentry, masonry, horticulture, machine tool technology, paint and coatings, and power plant technology. Students live on-campus while receiving their education and are able to participate on several different athletic teams.

During the visit, students watched a presentation about all aspects of life on the Williamson campus and toured the buildings and facilities. Students learned about the required entrance exams and how to begin the application process. Ms. Rosemary, High Road School of Delaware teacher, accompanied the students on the visit and is excited to help them get ready for a new chapter in their life!

Transition Program

All of the programming that is designed to transition the student from school to work emphasizes preparation for productive employment after graduation. To make this employment as successful and fulfilling as possible, we help the student explore his or her interests and then build upon natural talents in choosing possible career paths. As students mature, we encourage them to gradually become more self-reliant. Our Transition Services staff aids in this process by giving the students just the right amount of independence and interaction with the wider community, while still providing the supports necessary for the students to feel secure and confident.

School-to-Work Program
Our School-to-Work Program offers students the opportunity to participate in true-to-life jobs within the school setting. The end goal of the program is to develop the students’ employment skills and social skills in order to maximize their potential for success in the real world. As such, students seek to obtain jobs by first filling out an application and interviewing for the position they are interested in, as they would in real life. Once the student obtains a suitable position at school, they are held accountable for their attendance and performance, so we work with them on such aspects of employment as punctuality, responsibility, and working independently. Many of the jobs the students procure involve our student-run, on-the-premises retail business. Students participating in the School-to-Work Program are trained to operate many of the state-of the-art machines that make customized products for sale through this retail business.

Community Work
The High Road School of Delaware affords students the opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom and transfer it into the community. We work with our students to practice the proficiencies they have mastered in the School-to-Work Program, and then, when a student is ready, a job coach accompanies them to volunteer or paid job sites out in the community. We partner with a wide array of local-area businesses (including restaurants, hospitals, preschools, and retail shops) to expose the students to real-life work experience and social interactions. In this way, students can explore numerous career avenues and gain valuable work experience to list on their résumés.